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  1. Banned for not realizing that cat girls are the descendant of Big Boss
  2. Banned because Kitsune's will always be inferior to cat girls
  3. I ironically say this with a Yuri signature
  4. Even though i'm sarcastic 99.9% of the time, I actually wasn't expecting this so suddenly lol
  5. I played a bit of it but couldn't get into it. I do respect what it is though, I just don't have the patience anymore for those type of games
  6. Can't drink any of it. It all takes like poison to me
  7. Wait...How do people have Windows 10 already?
  8. ''They Are My Noble Masters'' Saw it randomly on the reocmmended anime for me list and checked it out and ended up loving it
  9. I think Camilla is officially the Tharja of this generation in terms of popularity. Which is funny because a tharja clone is in the game lol
  10. I'm quite a distant, silent person so I find it hard to keep in touch with IRL friends
  11. Careful, that third gif is a spoiler this is my favourite anime of all time. So good it cured my depression 3 years ago
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