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  1. I feel like even if I wanted to go out and socialize, there's no place for a person like me to do it. I like talking to people, but similarly to what you said, I'd rather stay at home and watch a movie or play a game than go to a bar or whatever it is people go to.
  2. I think this question is more geered towards big time gamers than anime fans, although I am both, but either way.... I used to have a lot of friends when I was younger, but over the years I've lost touch with them as they've gotten married, moved away, or just whatever. I'm old enough to be married with kids, but I'm single and I don't really have any friends at all. But I don't know how a person like me who spends his spare time obsessing over video games movies and anime most of the time is supposed to overcome this problem. Anyone else find themselves in a similar situation?
  3. Depends on the game. I've made lots of both. It depends on which looks better, or seems more appropriate. Like when I played WoW, I made a female for some classes/races, and males for others. In Dark Souls (1), I was always a Male, because the females just don't look good to me. If anybody knows Gunbound, when I played that I picked the female character because I thought it was cuter.
  4. I personally thought Elfen lied, while definitely qualifying as horror, was really more sad than scary or disturbing. I mean I liked it a lot, I just thought it was probably one the saddest shows I've ever seen.
  5. Corpse Party and Book of Shadows for sure. I had always liked dark things, but going through these ultimately led me to fully realize my love of horror. Although, I didn't actually play them, I watched them get played on Youtube. I'm going to play them though, and then I'm going to play Blood Drive, which I haven't played or watched at all. I own them all now . Just waiting until I'm in the right mood. When I was a kid one of my favorite games was Breath of Fire 2 for SNES. That game was very dark and actually I thought some parts were scary or disturbing. Not a horror game though, just a standard RPG. I wonder if it planted a seed though, so to speak.
  6. It's SO hard to pick a favorite, there's so many that are fantastic! Higurashi is definitely one of my favorites. Also the original Vampire Hunter D movie is altogether one of my favorite anime movies in general. I'm on the fence about Evangelion, kinda surprised no one has mentioned it yet, but in my opinion I don't think I can deny that the show is, while sometimes confusing, very compelling, and also terrifying at times. One show that I think is noteworthy, while not necessarily one of my favorites, is Shadow Star Narutaru. The story is rather incoherent, with it jumping from one event to the next with seemingly not a great sense of continuity. It also doesn't have a proper ending (unlike the manga it's based on, which I haven't read). I do think it's a good show though. I really like the way they deceive you by, by all accounts, making the show seem all cutesy and for kids and then throwing some crazy fucked-uppery at you.
  7. To be honest, these days I've been apprehensive about making new friends, online or in real life. I only have one actual friend, and we don't even have that much in common. But I do have a deep love for anime, and video games as well. But I think more than anything the reason I responded was because I have similar mental disorders; I have ADHD, OCD, high functioning autism, and suffer from depression and anxiety. So if you want, you can try talking to me.
  8. So, after having recently burned through Steins;Gate 0, I decided to go back and watch the original series again, and I ran into a new point of confusion for me that I haven't been able to find any answers for. After Daru hacks into SERN at the beginning, they ultimately discover that the IBN 5100 is needed to translate certain proprietary code. This much I understand. However, what I don't understand is why SERN would need one too; why do they have Moeka running around looking for an IBN 5100? It's SERN's code. Shouldn't they have IBN 5100's already?
  9. Fanservice never really bothers me, but I can perfectly understand the sentiment of it being out of place in certain circumstances. At worst, I find it awkward or a bit unsettling at times. Honestly though, as strange as this may sound, the only times I ever really felt this way was in High School DxD. There's two things that are awkward to me. First of all, I don't know why, but I've always found the outtro with all the girls poledancing to be a bit creepy. Honestly. It just seems so... out there. I dunno. Maybe it's because it just doesn't make sense. I mean, the girls aren't strippers; you would never see them doing that (I don't think). The other thing is how in the fights the girls always get their clothes ripped apart, but the men (few as there are) seem to have their clothes unscathed. In this case it's really just the inconsistency of it that bothers me. If the girls are getting their clothes torn up in battle, it should be happening to the guys too. Holy crap that is hilarious. What is that even from?
  10. Granted, but everyone becomes so smart that they all go insane and start building weapons of mass destruction and blow each other up. I wish I could be one of Lina Inverse's comrades in the show "Slayers" and travel around with her on her adventures.
  11. This still doesn't make sense to me because if he really wanted to erase all knowledge of his existence he would've wanted to kill Dr. Tenma and his sister as well, since they both knew so much about him; his sister at the very least, because he KNOWS that she knows everything about him, even if he doesn't know what Dr. Tenma knows. And then there was that therapist and criminal psychologist as well who had been both doing lots of research on Johann to exonerate Dr. Tenma, and even Karl and his father too.... really, there are still so many people left at the end that collectively know so much about Johann. But that doesn't even explain to me why he encouraged his sister to shoot him at the beginning of the show, unless he just knows what a horrible person he is and that's why he doesn't care at that point.
  12. I think most people would agree that it's fairly common for the quality of a series to deteriorate over time, for different reasons depending on the show. As for Wixoss, I seem to remember reading that one of the key writers from the first two seasons wasn't involved in Lostorage, so maybe that has something to do with it. They really should've just left it alone. The story was complete.
  13. So I just finished watching the anime "Monster" for the first time, and while I was pretty engrossed in it most of the time, now that it's all over I feel like I have a lot of questions. I understand this anime is very popular, so I figured it'd be easy to pull up some answers. My biggest questions revolve around Johan, which I guess makes sense, since he's kindof what the anime is about more than anything. I have a lot of trouble getting into the mind of Johan. People throughout the show seem to all have different ideas of what his "plan" is, but nobody seems to really know, except maybe Nina. As best I can tell, he seems to just want to kill lots of people and watch them suffer and be afraid. I think they pointed out more than once that he was very interested in fear. If that's his plan in a nutshell, then I don't understand why he wants to seems to want to die. And if he does want to die, why doesn't he just kill himself instead of waiting for Nina or Dr. Tenma to do it? I just don't get what he's thinking... Another point of confusion for me is when they very briefly suggested that Johan had two personalities; Nina yelled out to Dr. Tenma on the boat that "there are two Johans," and Dr. Tenma at another point also stated something like, "Johan has a split personality?" after seeing that "Help, the monster inside me has gotten this big (or something like that)," written on a wall or something somewhere. That was in the earlier half of the series, and it was never brought up again, so I'm really confused about what all that was really supposed to mean. There's one other thing on my mind, and it doesn't pertain so much to Johann, but to the police and their search for the murderer (who they think is Dr. Tenma). In retrospect, I really feel like it was kind of stupid that the police are so convinced that Johann doesn't even exist. I mean, all it would take would be a simple questioning of his sister Nina. For that matter, since she herself seems to be on this big quest to find Johann, as well as her memories, why doesn't she get the police involved too? She's not guilty of any crime (unless I'm forgetting something), and Dr. Tenma even saved her life early in the show if memory serves. Thanks in advance for any insight into these things
  14. I've been on vacation and haven't had internet access for the last month. Because of the previous posts I decided to go ahead and just watch it subbed, and I agree with you, it is vastly inferior to the first two seasons. I think I'll just pretend that the first two seasons are the only ones that exist :D
  15. So is there still no news at all about a Lostorage Wixoss Dub? I watched Selector Wixoss dubbed and loved it. I've been waiting for them to release a dub for Lostorage for a long time now. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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