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  1. It was originally supposed to be released today right? What happened?
  2. Got it. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thank You. So, isn't that make the crowd less happy? Like let's imagine, theatrically there is a perfect guy who can home run for every possible pitch. But this way he will never have a chance to hit the ball.
  4. Cool. So in Cross Game, they says 'when the best hitter batting throw 4 balls and walk him. Even the catcher stand up and extend his arm to catch the ball. So is this legal in major leagues? Or are there any rules to avoid this happening?
  5. I got into Baseball by watching anime. But still know nothing about the rules. Can someone clear a question I have?
  6. Sorry for the delay. Yes it is. Watch the sub. Dub is
  7. Let's skip DB, Naruto, OP and Gintama jic. My list : Full Metal Maison Ikkoku Touch H n Ippo (Not the biggest fan. Just okay)
  8. Prison School, Gintama Saiki Tejine Senpai And that mermaid + boy marriage anime.
  9. This is not about animes, but it is so painful to see that there is a big chunk of viewers who hates and declare a war instantly if an anime features any dirty jokes, LGBT or romance between relatives.
  10. This is for the Anime 'Hiatari Ryoko' . An awesome underrated title in my opinion. But unfortunately it's either very hard to find or there aren't any English subtitles for the 2nd half of the season. (epi 25 - 48). I can give Japanese or Italian dialog lines as a text or the anime in any format you prefer. Can someone please help to translate it into English? (auto translation works like 30%. But it is not nearly enough to enjoy the anime.) or at least financially support me to handover it to a professional translator.
  11. Thank You. Guess I'll continue watching then.
  12. Well not everyone, But some people hate Kakegurui. But I love it! Definitely in my top 6 list. (specially season 1)
  13. So I started watching the anime and first 15-20 episodes were amazing. But after that (specially after his school time) story gets little boring, it's just fighting > winning > new opponent > repeat . And now I'm watching 40th episode. Can someone tell me is there an interesting story building up later.
  14. So I'm watching this and I'm on episode 20. You are absolutely correct. He is one of my least fav characters. Not because he is weak. But there are 0% character development. Or getting worse. All the babblings and achievements he got is thanks to respawning. But Anime is awesome except the whale hunting part.
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