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  1. Thank You. Guess I'll continue watching then.
  2. Well not everyone, But some people hate Kakegurui. But I love it! Definitely in my top 6 list. (specially season 1)
  3. So I started watching the anime and first 15-20 episodes were amazing. But after that (specially after his school time) story gets little boring, it's just fighting > winning > new opponent > repeat . And now I'm watching 40th episode. Can someone tell me is there an interesting story building up later.
  4. So I'm watching this and I'm on episode 20. You are absolutely correct. He is one of my least fav characters. Not because he is weak. But there are 0% character development. Or getting worse. All the babblings and achievements he got is thanks to respawning. But Anime is awesome except the whale hunting part.
  5. Thank You. Yh. It's hard to explain. And I don't mean just weak characters. For example, If Satomi died in Parasyte, that'd be a good example too.
  6. I love the anime. And the art style is really impressive. (specially in Intros / Outros )
  7. Not like Captain America type or getting powers after losing someone or etc. But Animes like Watamote. ( Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! )
  8. Girl in the cover reminds Taiga at first glance .
  9. Thanks everyone! Currently watching Lovely Complex, it's super fun. Definitely gonna check all.
  10. So here are the characteristics it should have. No hardcore story. But lil bit of hear-touching is okay. Love, Comedy. There isn't any really nasty 'villain' If you ever watched Toradora or Full House (korean drama from 2004) you'll get the idea. Any similar anime?

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