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  1. Howdy ! I recently made a post talking about me looking for a Anime involving twins as main characters. i've had quite a few responds and i did find some cool anime in there , so i want to thank you all for that! Now, i'm looking for something different ( hahaha i'm always on the search for new anime to watch when i'm bored. ) So i'm looking for an anime close to Tokyo Ghoul. I loved it so much , i could literally watch all the seasons over and over again , the fighting was just so GOOD! And the story behind it , and the adventure they go through. Did i already mention the FIGHTING? Oh gosh i loved it so much ! The characters were so badass , oh well i could write a whole book about why it's a good anime. But let me know if there is something similar out there that i haven't watched yet. Thank you !
  2. Welcome to the forums~ Kakkoi Avi btw!😍 

  3. Hi , I've recently had this very cool idea in my head of twins being main characters in an Anime , where they both to save the world. So i was wondering , is there something similar out there that i haven't heard of yet? Or something similar. I got inspired because i got the new game nieR. So please let me know if there is something out there. Thank you !

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