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  1. A misunderstood monster, you will always be afraid of me without ever talking to me but if the only thing you have of me are my words (which are always on a computer screen) you will always fall in love with who I am, but once you must meet the monster who owns those words, you will resent your feelings towards me. This is pretty much how I see myself, not based off of my own pre assumptions but experience in general with everyone I've met...lol...
  2. I never knew dragonball z can be that emotional... Hmm let me think its pretty hard to hurt me and I seen tons of anime a couple anime that had scenes that got to me were these 1) Black Lagoon Episode 15: Where the female romanian twin is tells rock about her past, then shortly after they get to her dropoff to escape, she tells rock goodbye and that we should have a picnic that man pulls a revolver and shoots her in the head, followed by that ending op The World Of Midnight whew...that was rough... 2) Kanon I forget the episode number but Yuichi is on the hill top with Makoto, she's just about to die and he marries her then she just disappears right there in his arms right after, whew Makoto's whole story arc in Kanon was tough to endure I really loved Mei's Story arc it hurt me to as did Ayu's, lol the entire Kanon anime 2006 version hit me so hard. 3) Bagi The Mighty Monster Of Nature this whole film is very very hard to find its been a long time since i watched it and the only way to find it was on youtube but that was also 10 years ago. It was pretty tough to watch. 4) Dusk Maiden of Amnesia 5) New Game !! episode 12 where Aoba faces Yagami before she leaves for france after announcing her departure from eagle jump and the long hard worked for relationship that Aoba worked for to have with her role model in the game developing industry. 6) Clannad, Kotomi's Story arc that was deep, I fell in love with Kotomi so hard... 7) School-Live when you learn the truth about megumi 8 ) AKB0048 when Konata is the last of the 75th generation and her idol Minami tells her she is gonna graduate so konata can succeed her 9) Gosick ^^ I know I always mention this anime lol 10 Toradora when Taiga beats up the student council president lol that was rough Inuyasha always lol had lots of moments that pulled on my heart and finally i promise one more mention it is Wolf Children
  3. Ok...heh I could name off almost a couple hundred titles but here's a small list just basing off of what your friend is trying to look into AKB0048 Anime-Gataris Dirty Pair Flash Ramen Fighter Miki Your Under Arrest Gunsmith Cats Nuku Nuku All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Flip Flappers K-ON! School-Live SoniAni - Super Sonico The Animation New Game! Super Gals! Lucky Star! Katana Maidens Love Live School Idol Project Azumanga Diaoh Pani Poni Dash Bodacious Space Pirates Cardcaptor Sakura Chance Pop Session Key The Metal Idol The list can just keep going on and on lol...Im sorry but that should keep your friend busy for at least three months ^^
  4. I never heard of this series but its always thankful for those willing to shout out a hey so we can get a copy thanks ahy
  5. Ok its very short only two episodes its a ova but it has a interesting romance mystery fantasy action story even though its two episodes I think you might like it, Im not sure cause you can tell its kinda built to be longer but is finished short you know... but yea holy knight i think you might like that
  6. Ahh! I think i have a answer to your solution my friend have you heard of anime called Holy Knight?
  7. So digging through my mass of anime magazines I was reading through one of my issues of otaku usa august 2016 bimonthly issue to be exact, but anyways they to had a zombie manga top 10 list i know its not anime but I thought I share it as mutual interest to everyone joining into this thread. 1) Fort Of Apocalypse 2) Biomega 3) Magical Girl Apocalypse 4) Sankarea: Undying Love 5) Living Corpse 6) School - Live 7) Tokyo Zombie 8 ) Reiko the zombie shop 9) Grand Guignol Characters 10) Hellsing That was otaku usa's top 10 zombie manga count, in addition to those titles there is also I am a hero and another one called Hour of the zombie something from what i read of its review that is similar to high school of the dead in some context, its at a high school and the zombie apocalypse starts with a love triangle, way cliche lol ^^
  8. There is love, chunibyo and other delusions is a great romance anime some action but its kind of quirky lol just thought i throw that anime out there
  9. I know couple of anime that have twins as supporting characters in the background of a anime or were brief in a story arc of anime. Black Lagoon has a story arc about romanian serial killing twins, Flip Flappers had twins who were against the protagonists as they jumped through dimensions beating the protagonists up. Citrus towards its end animation adaptation had twins in a small story arc that centered around them. Lucky Star with kagamine and Tsukasa, Fate Stay Kaleid Prisma Illya Season 2 had a twin for Illyasviel. Shuffle had a twin story arc with Nerine. Bodacious Space Pirates had twin characters but their presence is small through the series but very vital at the same time lol. There is a harem anime called Please twins I think, there's also clannad which has background twins kyou and ryou fujibayashi. So Cute It Hurts which is a shojo manga is a story that is completely centered around twins trying to help each other by crossdressing as the other. A anime adaptation was made for the manga but it was incomplete only going off the first 8 volumes when the series is 15 volumes and sadly its anime adaptation was only released in japan not enough fanbase or production interest for it to be a hit sadly outside of japan. I know none of these really meet what your asking for but their as close to my own knowledge I can put you to, Im sorry, I hope at least there is something here I mentioned that will interest you.
  10. That is a good point considering its like three seasons and two movies long i think lol Im sorry im not much help I've been trying to look up something to really suggest to you I know gosick had a lot of action moments in it as well as romance i just feel bad gosick is all im talking about lol. Bodacious Space Pirates had some brief romance moments and a lot of sci fi action, hmm I heard a anime called wild arms is a blend of western style action and romance again another anime i own but havent watched yet lol There is also to love ru, but its pretty silly throughout, theres date a live but thats pretty silly too something that could have been amazing slapsticked with just harem romance...
  11. Well there is revolutionary girl utena, I also heard shakugon no shana is a action romance series i just never watched it even though i own it lol
  12. A series I guess be up your ally I hope it fits what your looking for but its called Venus versus virus
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