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  1. Love the user name 😆

  2. Cooked a full dinner with crunchyroll collections OP/ED mix playing in the background on my laptop. Should do that more often.

    1. Seshi


      I love doing chores with op/ed mix playing. It gets me hyped lol I am able to actually enjoy mundane chores like laundry 😜

  3. I'm good. Diddled in FF XIV for a bit and getting back to watching Slam Dunk.
  4. Watching the sub since the dub didn't get very far. Yeah they are kinda funny.
  5. Currently watching Slam Dunk. It's been a fun ride so far. Only been one game so far, but it was intense.
  6. Perpetual self-doubt setting in again. I'm questioning whether I'm a good person for the billionth time.
  7. Finished Taboo Tattoo recently and am watching Food Wars. Keeping up with Darling in the FRANXX and Record of Grancrest War as well as watching a bit of the Folktales from Japan series.
  8. Just finished Myriad Colors: Phantom World. I quite enjoyed it.
  9. @Baku It's alright I guess. Only watched episode 1 thus far cause I took a nap.
  10. I've just started Myriad Colors: Phantom World.
  11. Can't sleep due to a cough and feeling quite conflicted.
  12. I binged 20th Century Boys about 8 years ago.
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