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  1. When i was younger (I think 9 or 10) i was in a corn maze and there was a girl (lets call her Alex) so Alex was in the corn maze with me being normal until out of nowhere she screams fire at the top of her lungs for a solid for a minute or so. I don't remember much because that was a while ago. to this day i dont know if she was kicked out Tell me AF who is the craziest person you met?
  2. LunaC

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    Besides Japan (Obviously)i would like to visit shanghai Amsterdam, Paris, London, Barcelona. But money is tight and thats just how it is sometimes. hopefully i can go to at least one place when im out of high school
  3. LunaC

    Do you play games? What kind?

    I Personally Enjoy FPS and indie games. My personal favorite games are: CS:GO Seasons after fall Undertale COD Overwatch Dead Cells Minecraft Terraria Super Meat boy And any other indie game really. Some triple A titles i enjoy.
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