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  1. maybe you will find something here https://raindrop.io/lenetra/anime-episodes-to-watch-420210
  2. def jams vendetta and mortal kombat sometimes mario
  3. i just found out i can share my list heres mine https://raindrop.io/lenetra/anime-episodes-to-watch-420210 im using raindropio for my anime its a online bookmarking site thats free i bookmark my anime i just found out i can share my list theses a share button on the site heres mine https://raindrop.io/lenetra/anime-episodes-to-watch-420210 did you see my list?
  4. i cant post my list because im using raindropio and they dont have a share link from what i see
  5. fruits basket i will give it 10 stars
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