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  1. Even calling it AI 'art' feels wrong to me, I refer to them as AI generated images, and that doesn't sound so invasive anymore.

    Besides the fact that the engines steal from their copying sources, the only and single utility I can see for AI images are playing with a machine. Giving it some funny words and seeing what comes out, nothing serious, something in the likes of "make up a flag for unicorns eating carbonara", and having fun with what it makes, but nothing further.

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  2. 21 hours ago, Bulleje76 said:

    @Myouyacan you, or someone else, change my name. It has been bugging me for some time. My scene nick for 30 years was Bullet. Since i raced warez the fastest. The -je is a dutch way to make it smaller. Anyway,..my nick is Bulletje76. I made a typo when registering, i fogot the 't'. Anyway you can please fix this?

    Absolutely! I'll take care of it right away

  3. On 9/19/2023 at 11:13 AM, Tomochan said:

    it absolutely matters if the character is REAL. Are you hearing yourself? "a child is still a child", its a character not a child. Its not a real person. It has no thoughts or feelings. Thinking otherwise is chris chan level dimensional merge thinking

    and yes, in order to make art, you must be a "real" person. Why does that even matter? Would it be better if AI made it? Do you think the loser hikikimori lolicon is going to snap one day and kidnap some kids? Because then that would be wrong, because hes abusing children. Real ones, not a drawing. Fact of the matter is that if nobody gets hurt when you do something its probably morally permissible. Finding something disgusting is normal and natural but it dosnt mean the thing your disgusted by is wrong. I find gay men kissing to be disgusting but i know that its not very moral to make gay relationships illegal. So I dont think theres anything wrong with drawing anything at all. Because a drawing is a drawing. I stand by that one french guy that drew the prophet muhamid in an unflattering way the same why i stand by any type of porn artist

    I would even argue that the sexualization of lolis is more moral than the porn industry. The porn industry preys on impressionable people who just turned 18 so that they can use their bodys for financial gain. They often promise them a life of luxury but the actual job is quite depressing and has driven many porn actors to suicide. Compare that to a drawing. The only person that gets hurt in that process is you (because drawing is hard)


    But if you think its disgusting, thats definitely a valid opinion. But i stand by a persons right to draw anything they wish

    EDIT: please dont perceive my post with a negative connotation

    While that's certainly an opinion, I'm willing to bet that real world child molesters do pretty much consume child porn (as they usually state in the news, "X man was caught preying on a child and was found to have child porn on their PC", it's a very repeated quote I find on news, see here as an example https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-65419701 ).
    So the argument we're trying to illustrate is that there definitely is a correlation between 'liking' those things, even in fiction (either AI or drawn) and then acting on them in real life.

    I just don't buy it, honestly... and what's the need anyway? This is now just my personal opinion but I cannot fathom any artistic value in sexualising children. It's just pure malice and perversion to me (and we don't kinkshame in this house, but there are limits).


    (also, no one here is arguing whether CP or the porn industry is worse, because they're both dreadful)

    I'd just like to add as a fun thought on the topic, I think that there isn't such a big barrier between reality and fiction in our imaginations and brain processes. Say you want to go to the beach, at the moment that's fiction, untrue, because you're not in the beach, but you can be and make it real. You can also imagine yourself riding a unicorn on the Moon, that's also fiction, but cannot be fulfilled (probably, never been to the Moon to confirm). And the way this applies to this discussion is that preying on children is something that can happen, has happened, and will continue to happen so long as this rotten culture persists. They imagine it, crave it, and then go make it happen.

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  4. @Jaywolf88 I cannot stress enough how much I agree with this, the main argument you'll hear from people is "it's a cartoon / fiction, it's not a real person", but that really means nothing when you consider that the things we enjoy in fiction are very strongly related to the things we want in reality. For instance, very silly but accurate example, if you adore dogs IRL, it's very likely you'll naturally enjoy a work of art about dogs. The same principle applies for pretty much everything else, and the excuse that it's "an anime, it's what it does" is a deflection of the fact that these people are genuine paedophiles trying to mask what they are. Is every person who enjoys anime with some degree of fan service one of them? I want to believe not, that some are just ignorant and so desensitised to the sexualisation of minors that they just go with it. It's essential to help them grow aware of the dangerous culture they're promoting unawaringly (or aware).

    I've been falling out of watching anime more and more with the years, to the point where I only watch maybe one or two things a year if a friend recommends it to me. Paradoxical considering I'm an admin in a website called Anime Forums, but I know there's a lot of value in the art of Japanese animation and I want to strive for a healthier environment that recognises it over cheap eye candy for perverts. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, anaBv said:

    es que casi me las estoy terminando y tengo mucho tiempo que no veo anime y como estoy de vacaciones las puedo ver al mismo tiempo XD

    Hello! Please try to keep the forums in English, if you'd like to create a specific Spanish club for discussion, be my guest

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  6. 3 hours ago, StownMist said:

    It's been two days since I sent an introduction post and approval is still pending. Do I have two wait every time for days to send anything?


    Good day, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. There is currently a very serious inflow of spam accounts and spam posts that need to be checked manually, this may have delayed some approval queues. Thank you for your patience, as this is a temporary issue!

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