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  1. avatar because kirry worked hard on the sig would u rather high five a bear or hug a bear?
  2. I cant handle spicy food but I can go chili hot I guess, shortbread is just right its like sweet but its also salty from the butter and the texture isn't too crumbly and not too soft truly perfect. Did u achieve your new years resolution or give up straight away?
  3. probably getting an offer from a university for games animation. looking back at 2016 was there anything u did that u don't do now ?
  4. right next to the wall. how would u escape an awkward conversation?
  5. "theres archers in the archer class" "people die when theyre killed" "Ill kill you so hard you die to death" too many to pick from
  6. this question is very difficult because on one hand u have someone devoted to you and on the other hand u have someone whos cute but could just get into a fight with you one day and just go full tsuntsun instead of tsundere and then leave you but atleast she wouldn't murder you if u stopped caring. I personally don't find any of these natures that appealing because I would much rather surround myself with positive outlooks on the world or our situations then have someone either pessimistic towards me (tsun) at times or someone willing to get rid of the positive outlooks surrounding me to claim me for their self because that would just make me more sad. but I would probably go yandere because atleast they would be nice to me and get rid of the negative aspects around me and if they lose feelings for me then they wont kill me or anyone which is a high chance. If I was to lose interest in them then they probably would kill me so I wouldn't have to worry about someone else breaking my heart seems fair to me.
  7. welcome to the forums we are all pretty nice so I hope you enjoy your stay
  8. this is pretty late but welcome to the forums I'm usually free to chat so if u ever want to I'm either in the community chat box or on my profile
  9. flambo

    Yo Et

    welcome to the forums, My favourite anime is the garden of words but if my house was set of fire I would most likely take a manga but I have too many to choose from. If you like metaphors and analogies u might like some of mikoto shinkais works such as the garden of words because it looks into human emotions which is quite interesting while also having a wide range of panning shots of the landscapes which as you like photography might pique your interest if you haven't seen it. For metaphors a lot of interesting ones came up in 5 cm per second which is also a mikoto shinkai film. Also sound of the sky is awesome.
  10. highly unlikely, girls and gay males don't mix that way but bunnies are cute so offer a carrot ofcourse.

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