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  1. They speak English in "What"?

  2. BL is love

    BL is life

  3. humburger cheeseburger bigmac whopper

  4. MY EYES



  5. Read no [Name] because there's something wrong with me.

    Also reading Love Is an Illusion. Because something is wrong with me.

  6. the phantom, exterior lie fish eggs

    the interior like [word here] wrist red

    i can exercise you, this can be your phys. ed

    cheat on your man m- aagh

    tried to sneak through the door man

    can't make it, can't make it, shit's stuck


    door stuck

    d o o r  s t u c k

  7. Also, I've given up on being L. I'm now trying to be a real version of Hikiguya Hachiman.


  8. Reading manga online.

    ...does this count as piracy? And am I spoiling the series for me?

  9. A lot of people see this world in monotone...

  10. Morning, human beings

  11. Can you elaborate on how AoT is bleak? Just curious...
  12. They censored Neon Genesis on Netflix?



  13. Yo. I need anime suggestions. Preferably romance/comedy, yuri, or just outright depressing. Kthxbye
  14. I think I've finally transitioned from "Hey, anime is cool", to "hEy AnImE iS mY lIfE".

    Not sure if this is healthy.

  15. Katyusha is now my favourite song.

  16. Got utterly destroyed in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Also died in the Nether again in Minecraft. It's funny how I can get there, and then... Never come back.
  17. L Lawliet

    Death Note

    Alright, let's get this review done. 8 out of 10 stars for me. Let's get more in depth. In the beginning, the show is brilliant. A normal yet brilliant student named Yagami Light finds a "notebook of death" to kill people with. Simple, right? However... He doesn't use it for evil (depending on your views). He does it for the betterment of the world. He starts using the notebook to kill criminals left and right, all across the globe, seemingly by supernatural means. Soon enough, cults and follows start appearing, worshiping the "deity" now known as Kira. After some time, an opposing force appears. The NYPD and the world renowned detective only known as "L". Soon, the suspects are dulled down to a student in the Kanto region of Toyko. Soon, after some events that I'm too lazy to explain, L begins to suspect Yagami Light. So, in simple terms, he finds Light, tells him he's L, and lets him into the Kira Task Force, a task force created to track down Kira. During the first half of the series, the intense psychological game of cat-and-mouse only intensifies, with L constantly suspecting Light - No, knowing Light is Kira, yet never being able to prove it, and with Light trying to figure out L's identity. Both of them had to find out each other's identity without slipping up. In the words of Ryuk... Anyways, L dies and then the series kind of drops off. There's my weak review.
  18. Okay. There's nothing against making two accounts.


    Time to make the Nate River account soon for craps and laughs.

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