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  1. And thus, the 10 day disappearance begins.


    I'll be back in October!

    1. L Lawliet

      L Lawliet



    2. XII360





      you glorious bastard! enemy of light!

  2. I can't even change my name, and I'm no longer absolutely obsessed with Death Note and L anymore.


    Exhale through the nose.

  3. SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRETY OF MADOKA MAGICA. I don't have too many thoughts on Death Note, other than it's [bad wurd alurd] awesome, but I've got some stuff to say about Madoka Magica. Most of it deals with the psychological element of it. Let me elaborate. Madoka Magica's plot is this, sourced from Wikipedia on its page here. If you just want to read the plot, here it is. This is not my own work. This is copied from the Wikipedia page that is linked here. In the fictional city of Mitakihara, Japan, a middle school student named Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka M
  4. Following someone reminds me of this ProZD skit line:





    "A L G O R I T H M S ."

    1. L Lawliet

      L Lawliet

      Part Two: Electric boogaloo

  5. The next episode of The Irregular at Magic Highschool: Visitor Arc is coming out soon, and I still have to finish the other episodes + the last episode of the first season... News for the next episode is here.
  6. Life is boring.
    Stay cool.

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    2. L Lawliet

      L Lawliet

      What if, indeed

    3. efaardvark


      I’d like to try boring for a while.  Sounds nice.

    4. L Lawliet

      L Lawliet

      Here's a free pass.

  7. Go to school (virtually), eat lunch, play some Terraria or something, then fall asleep. Pretty boring, huh? I'm obviously kidding. This isn't my entire life. I do more than just do that over and over again... Here's what I do. My alarm is set for 6:05. I wake up after about... 3 minutes, so that's at 6:08. Then I quite literally faint back onto my bed and fall back asleep until 8:00. I don't know what it is, but I always feel... extraordinarily tired. Exhausted. I don't know if I have [bad virus name here] or if it's my anemia. Either way, that's not what y'all are
  8. Biased opinion... But it's the greatest anime of all time, in my opinion. Maybe not that much, but it's one of the greatest, that's for sure. The psychological element just works so well, the clash between L and Light... It kind of drops off when Near takes over, though...
  9. Yeah, I'm going to be gone for another ten days because I'm doing this from my school-issued device.


  10. Easy. Boarding School Juliet. The anime has about 12 episodes, so there's already a downside, IMO. Along with that, it seems (literally) too bright, and I mean physically. It also seemed a bit rushed.
  11. "Why do you keep changing your profile picture, L?"

    Do not ask questions, mortal. You must only follow my lead.

  12. After a long absence, I am back!

    Here's a thing I made while I was "on break".


  13. Twitter was a mistake.

    1. XII360


      i mean, its the site of SJW, so...

  14. Guess who's back

  15. My allergies are getting really bad...

  16. TFW you crack your spine

    1. XII360


      Crack, as in, making noises

      Or crack as in, *im paralyzed for a while* ?

      Hoping its not the latter >.>

    2. L Lawliet

      L Lawliet

      Crack as in making noises but it's rediculously painful

  17. I need to be more active.

  18. I've got DID. One of my alters has a girlfriend.


    Good job, Shion!

  19. Good choices! I've seen Cowboy Bebop, but not the others... Heard of them, though. Good choices! I've seen Cowboy Bebop, but not the others... Heard of them, though.
  20. This isn't just for all of you to share what anime you like - I also need suggestions too. So, share your favourite anime, and maybe I'll watch it too x
  21. This headache is killing me.

    1. Zila


      Get better soon! :( Headaches are the worst. 

    2. Ohayotaku


      Well the years half over. Hang in there.

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