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  1. Currently: Darwin's Game Previously: ID: Invaded (Highly Recommend)
  2. You'll have to let me know when you do what you think of it. Might watch it if enough people say it blew their socks off. XD
  3. I hear he' still on hiatus doing research but I fear his health is what's really behind the lapse of the manga/anime. Hope we get to see the finish of it, but I worry...
  4. Won't (try to) spoil anything but I was truly surprised at the story, and can't wait for the second part to air. I know a lot of people pshaw it but I feel the first part is really is worth the watch. At this point though, I will reserve my overall opinion until the rest of it airs because it could all go downhill from the end of the first season. A note: Really shocked at the particular exiting of one of the children as I didn't expect that to happen. (Closest thing to a spoiler I've got without actually spoiling it).
  5. Honestly I really despise anime like this, especially where the original creator won't have anything to do with story. Really I feel that this is nothing more than a cash grab at this point and I also feel there just isn't going to be the heart of the original story in it anywhere. Anyway, just my thoughts as I will most likely enjoy the original and skip the money bag. Just an opinion worth less than the electricity it took to create it.
  6. Surprisingly a lot of people confuse that point and I'm glad you pointed it out. Had a buddy who said the same thing, took forever and tons of research to convince him otherwise.
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