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  1. So im thinking of writing a poetry book....but i have no readers. So here i am trying to advertise.I think.......But im not sure if i should just post online on a legit reading site or just look for a local hard copy publishing company??

    PS:Poetry is just a hobby....not gonna do it full time!

    1. SleepyLeoulf


      I always thought about that myself of writing a book full of my written work. Though I still have a long ways to go to become better at making them. It's really it's up to you where you want to post them, even if its a hobby. I would never do mine for fame though or just to be popular, that's just not me.. But I've always just wanted my work out there so people could maybe get inspired by it or know there not alone since a lot of my work is about myself and what I've been through.. Not sure how to explain the last part, heh.. Anyway You could on here like I did post your work or try maybe FicionPress.com or make a blog post your work on that and make it public. But then go one websites showing a link to your blog for your poetry work. Other than that not really sure how to help you get more noticed. ^^;;  Just was saying what I did. Hope it works our for you though. Please take care and if you do share your work on here I'll read it. <3 Sending you good and positive vibes your way~ 

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