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  1. is there any anime like SAO and I don't pain so I max out .....recommendations pls
  2. thank you it was a amazing anime I completed season 1 and started season 2 and Sebastian become my fav character as his is simply one hell of a butler
    starting few episode was good such as bond between teacher and student but as the story go on it becomes dissatisfying ..like he keeps concubine..etc., overall it nice to watch one time ..
  3. nice to meet you enjoy your time here
  4. I prefer sub so I can original language even when I don't understand it
  5. I watched Black butler near 20 episode it was awesome but I'm really confuse as I sadly come across a spoiler that Sebastian will be dead and some people as that manga and anime are different hope you guys help it
  6. hi guys I am planning to watching black butler it is good anime if not any recommendation for other
  7. seven deadly sins because in later seasons the animation is not that nice , bleach and Naruto had so many filter in the time of war other than rest was amazing in Naruto
  8. I'm new here but I really enjoy anime so lets enjoy together
  9. hi everyone I'm new to this anime forum i enjoy watching anime but as there is none of my friend and family is interested in anime ,manga or novel i used talk to sis endlessly but she don't understand it So i tried this forum and i actually don't what to do so pls advise and guide me
    It was amazing . As i already completed reading its manga i can't wait till it get animated into anime
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