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    Spirit Pact, Mo dao zu shi, Di wang gong lue, A3, Hakkenden, nabari no ou, Heaven official's blessings, Doukyuusei
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    You keika, Wei Wuxian, Lan wangji, Chu yuan, Sakuya Sakuma, Shinku, Ai Enma, Xie Lian


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    A3, devils & realist , Afterl!fe, Tasokare hotel
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    Sakuya Sakuma, Ell, Ethan, Neko tsukahara

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    This club is basically where you tell your favorites and why you like it. You then try to convince others to do it as well because it's the best in your opinion. After the person tries it out they come back and tell how it was and if others should also-do if they want. It's a great place to get together and start getting all the good, interesting, and best things around so everyone can experience them and their greatness. Please join and start a conversation if you can. The club would love your presence! Ex. Art, Anime, Gaming, Manga, Poetry, Edits, Love letters, etc.

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    I'm making this club for all the fujoshi family who deserves some love as well. All kinds of yaoi love jizz allowed, feel free to express all your knowledge and wonders to the yaoi corner. Join and grow this club with our treasures together! We are.. The YAOI ARMY! We also don't sleep.

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