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  1. Suikoden 2 have few ending,3 ending, best,normal and bad, the cruelest moment is in the ending when hero have to kill Jowy, the best ending is epic thought, hero,Jowy and Hero sister, left everything behind,fame,money,kingdom position,et cetera so they could journey together and keep being friend forever, I wish I have that kind of friend and relationship and experience
  2. @Ryan Dave Jimenez,it was 2D, just precisesly like Suikoden 1, no, the character had no Ally, the scene that I remember is alone, I am sorry, but I cann't remember is it RPG or not i have check Jade Cocoon, and it is not, and definitly not persona Thanks by the way
  3. I collect many thing,usually,what I collect is something I like, Such As: √Manga and Anime √Movie √Novel and academia book But my favorite colection is peculiarity i found during my travel around the world, such as:traditional figurine doll, decorative chinese Fan, ancient chinese spear, and another thing I found as peculiar
  4. Recently, I love listening to cecile corbel song, one of her voice play on Karigurashi,Arriety from Studio Ghibly Movie
  5. I've several episode, but I don't enjoy it But guys, it's just my personal opinion: The story too clise, the hero, how do I put it?ah, to naive, and. Also I realy hate that harem trait that the Hero have, too dense? Yah, something like that.... How about the plot?Hmm,at least I can say this after a few episode, and also,by the way, I have read the manga and the light novel, all of it, the plot is too predictable, there is no,in Japanese saying, doki doki in watching or reading it But, really, that's just my personal opinion, every people has it's own preference Beside, the story already broadcast to the whole world, so it's ought to be amazing, for many people....But not for me Enjoy the series Guys....
  6. D'RIS

    Legend of Dragoon

    I have play the game and finish it 2 year ago, such a good story, realy, well, maybe there is a few clise plot, but overall it's awesome I love how the game use an old and clasic game play, with it's own dificulty, I realy and truly enjoy the game, I realy don't want any remake, but I would be realy gratefull of there's another amazing game like that
  7. Hey guys, so I try to remember this old game of Playstation 1 console I cann't remember the title, but I recall a few description, as such: The first chapter of game, we are traped in a castle, school like castle Our character can absorb something from the air, when the character absorb, many blue blinking will gather on the charcter raised palm That's all what I can remember, I know it's not much, but please help me figure this game out, somehow I realy want,no, I really need this game,even, to remember and if possible to play it again... Please guys, help me.....
  8. @Illusion of Terra,sorry but you miss it
  9. A delinquent look like high school boy, fighting his way against time with pen, pencil, paper and ink to finish his duty and along the way he find friendship, romance, joy and even comedy...Though he never know its romance even thought it's slap his face
  10. Well, guys, let me tell you, I think there is no such thing as Anime Noob... You watch anime not for study or doing any kind job, you watch it just for fun, well except you are an animator then it's different story Since you just watch it for fun, then, as long as you watch what you think is good and nice also fun than you are not a nob
  11. Hmm, I realy cann't say my family allow me to watch anime, but, when they see me failing in my study, or forget my chores at home, they will scold me and say that manga and anime bring nothing except failure
  12. Oh God, I cann't pick, there is to many, but I will at least mention few of my Fav: One Piece, Noregami, Yona, Brides Story, CMB, Yotsuba and many many many other
  13. Well, you could start with super lover, tight rope and sekaichi no hatsukoi. Those three have different level of yaoi, if you just starting as fujoshi you should look more about what you like, so I recomend it
  14. I already the whole series, well, I cann't say it's epic, but you should watch it, its entertaining, educational, a bit comedic and quite nice as an anime I can say that I suggest you to watch it
  15. Well, I cann't say that this is quite a crack theory, but just think, Luffy is garp grandson, and every garp family is strong from the begining and always famous, but Namy? Hmm, I don't think she quite fit peefectly for this description
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