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  1. I have a hard time deciding if your avatar pic indicates murder or rape.... ;-;

  2. Welcome to the forums! I'm new as well! Hope you enjoy it here!
  3. I'd love to have some fridge magnets, they're totally adorable! All I have is some bag clip magnets, lol. I have some merch scattered throughout the house, mostly my husband's megazords and kamen rider figures, along with my collection of nendoroids on my desk. Also a totoro on the prius!
  4. Good to see people still watch the classics! Mushishi is a bit slow to get into, but I liked the single episode and sometimes 2 episode arcs, the little stories for them were really interesting, including all the bits about what mushi really were.
  5. Chilling with Miku playing in the background~

  6. You really should watch Chobits, its ultra cute! It is mushy and romantic, so be warned! And yeah, Forbidden Pastimes was probably one of the most frustrating arcs with Mai, she is so stubborn! But the next to last arc is my personal favorite, so look forward to it! It's pretty creepy!
  7. Technically the first game I ever played was Pacman on the Sega Genesis, but the first game I owned and played was Tomb Raider on PS1. Still love the series to this day!
  8. I have terrible ADD, if I get the least bit distracted, that's it, i'm gone. Trying to casually play God Eater Resurrection right now, need to get more proactive!
  9. unFragment by Miku http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2oqXtciNkE
  10. Both. I have dual monitors so I can watch and surf, and an HDMI cable for the media system.
  11. Great to see others that share the same good luck! So, my favorites as of now are: Chobits (all time fav) Azumanga Daioh Cardcaptor Sakura Sailor Moon xxxHolic Moon Phase DragonBall,Z,Super Mushishi Ghost Hunt Jigoku Shoujo Elfen Lied Mirai Nikki One Punch Man Boku No Hero Academia And plenty more, but these are the ones off hand I can think of, I have binged several series through the years.
  12. Anime was one of the first ice breakers for me and my husband, along with tokusatsu. If we hadn't had those things in common, we wouldn't have gotten married! But all in all, anime as far as a lifestyle with dating was never a big deal for me or anyone I ever dated. If someone couldn't like me for my interests or hobbies, then I didn't want to date them in the first place! Edit: and just now reading down (whoops), I think a specific forum for dating/anime is a neat idea, but the execution could take some time given the specific requirements. But nowadays it is easier to find a demog
  13. Shokugeki No Soma motivated me to try cooking more, I recently cooked Chailiapin Steak for the first time, it was really tasty! Now, time to make that epic pork roast...
  14. Hello! I go by Miraiina, or Mira for short! Been watching anime ever since childhood, starting out with some old favorites like Dragonball, Sailor Moon, etc. on Toonami. I'm hoping to make lots of new friends and chat with other anime fans. It's one of the reasons me and my husband got married and keeps us strong! Thank you for reading!
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