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  1. I have parents; trying every new social apps these days just to stalk their children -two young brothers; deep drowned into games - a lazy bunny, a spying neko chan, a berserk while little mouse, 3 Australian budgies and a sweet finch -then comes me; working 16 hours a day to earn as much as possible Posting pics of my babies
  2. Its too hot here in North India. Just like when our characters eat watermelon in anime
  3. I only liked the pair of Light Yagami and Ryuk, rest other were looked like pawns \(-_-)/ i was having fun even when light yagami was totally lost
  4. @EWR-47 Yes I remember myself praying for their maneuver gears doesn’t end sooner! and and !! Tell me how you felt when second season ended with giving a gist about “Titans in the Walls”!! Damn it was super! @Zila my bad that I didn’t watch Violet Evergarden yet, but yes I too felt similar while watching Wolf children.. It was soo sad how that innocent girl handelled two Children on her own that too with Wolves abilities..
  5. Hey @Zila, I am watching Attack on Titans 4th season. Liking is a small word, I am feeling total pressure of Eren Yeager on me! Ha Ha! Did you ever felt that? !
  6. Hey Zila! Its great to hear from another Naruto lover :’) You increased my chakra even more
  7. I've only watched half of the series yet, but I am totally into his changed character. What he would do next is inevitable. In earlier seasons, Eren was always TALKING BIG and end up being captured or hit before anyone else in his squad. Now I see him much sorted and dependable. I am only talking about his personality and not counting his special powers. It's good that he is no more that SHONEN brat anymore. I would agree with everyone's opinion here that after going through all these wraths, anyone would turn to a silent and cocky person. As I am yet to complete this season, my suspense has grew even more because now I cannot predict what would Eren do next.
  8. I don’t watch one episode at a time, I watch the whole season at once. I waited for AOT 4 to complete, downloaded it and was into its complete amazing aura...Eren had eaten Warhammer Titan, Levi just took Beast Titan.. Survey corps were doing great.. And then.... and then Sasha died.... that Gabi i hate i just can’t take it. It feels sad that i wanna talk to someone. Someone who understands..
  9. Hello minna san! I just signed up here. Looking forward to discuss anime with all my heart
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