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  1. [spoiler=TG S2]-Kaneki joins Aogiri, the terrorist group that tried to torture him to death, because he wants to "get stronger." That's like a Jew joining the Nazis because he wants military training to protect his family from the Nazis. -Literally everything Kaneki does is edge for the sake of being edgy. Sure, he got tortured, but that is a cheap excuse. -Whenever Kaneki is about to lose a fight, he magically loses control of his powers, allowing him to win. -Touka, an important character in S1, literally does nothing except stare at Kaneki twice. -The battle near the end of the series was somehow more drawn out than The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. -The only good part of it was when Kaneki carried his friend's body through the battlegrounds, but the series didn't do anything to make me care about his death. It may not have been the worst, but it is still bad enough to warrant a 1/10. Oh, don't bother trying to bring the manga into this since the source material is irrelevant when discussing the adaptation. Here is my list if you would like what other shows I rated just as bad as it. If you would like to continue this debate, send me a PM in order to prevent this thread from being derailed.
  2. Legend of the Galactic Heroes because it examines the pros and cons of democracy and autocracy without bias.
  3. Natsuki Subaru from Re:Zero latest?cb=20160521200340 He is nothing more than a dumb, self-insert protagonist whose little character development gets reset every time he lays in a girl's lap.
  4. C. I don't want to know whats under that eye patch. Frederica Greenhill (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)
  5. According to MAL, yes. https://myanimelist.net/anime/34577/Nanatsu_no_Taizai_2
  6. The worst anime I forced myself to complete are Big Order, Tales of Zestria, Gangsta, Tokyo Ghoul S2, and Super Kid. There are a few experimental shorts that are worse, but they are so obscure they aren't even worth mentioning.
  7. The only show I'm excited for is the new season of Nanatsu no Taizai. Atom: The Beginning might be good, but judging from the PV, it looks like its just going to be SOL with robots.
  8. I can only name three good anime (excluding sequels) since 2016 was not good compared to some other years, but all three are from genres I usually avoid. 1. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (8/10) I usually avoid romance anime since they never go anywhere, and I always avoid shows by Studio Deen since they tend to butcher everything they touch; however, I decided to pick this one up because even elitists were praising it. 2. The Disasterous Life of Saiki Kusuo (7/10) I avoid school comedies because school is a bland setting, most anime comedies aren't funny, and the characters are usually generic. Although the characters were a little generic, they did receive some characterization, and the comedy was actually good. 3. To Be Hero (7/10) This one is literally a Chinese cartoon. Although most of the comedy literally consisted of toilet jokes, it was still a decent parody of the super hero genre. Unfortunately, the ending was a cop out. After Sword Art Online, I decided to avoid the isekai (trapped in another world) genre, but I decided to pick up Re:Zero because of the hype. As I expected, it was edgy, the romance felt contrived, all the characters were stupid, and the author rewrote the characters when the plot demanded it instead of actually developing them. 3/10. ReLife was alright, but there was too much melodrama. 6/10. Still above average. Joker Game had the potential to be the best anime of the year. Unfortunately, only the first two episodes were good. 3/10. The only good thing about Kimi no Na wa was the art. I didn't care about the characters because there was no characterization and there were too many plot holes. 4/10. 91 Days was a decent revenge story, but it was too predictable because there were no plot twists. 6/10. Keijo. 2/10. Do I even have to explain why? I really wanted to like ERASED. Unfortunately, the time travel was unexplained, the mystery was predictable, and the plot fell apart half way through. 4/10.
  9. I recommend adding a new subforum for Anime/Manga recommendations. By adding this, users will receive a specific place to ask for recommendations and a place to ask what series a certain image or character is from. Furthermore, users will more easily see someone's thread, threads will receive more attention than in General Anime, and people will easily be able to look through past threads. Prefixes could be used to show what medium (anime, manga, light novel, or Identify This) a user wants. Possible rules/guidelines: 1. No troll recommendations (like Boku no Pico). 2. Give a reason as to why a user should watch the show (prevent one word posts). 3. A limit on how many shows one may recommend per thread. This will encourage people to only recommend the best shows instead of naming everything that fits. Thank you for your consideration.

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