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The Harmony of our Hearts


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As Kagura tries to remember the steps in making cookies,she suddenly wasn't feeling well as she try to stand up her head ache so much and suddenly she collapsed on the floor.

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I really thought we could all enjoy our cookies together. Kagura worked so hard to get the recipe right. Should I go and let the cookies burn? Should I stay and visit Kagura later?


With Haru and Momiji tending to Kagura, Sofia stayed to finish the class, and accept their group grade for the cookies. Kagura was just working on the sandwich creme Sofia thought, walking to Kaguras side of the table, then once the cookies came out of the oven she and the rest of her group finished putting the cream in the sandwich cookies. Mrs. Yami applauded their cookies, noting that the soft fluffy cream complemented the bitterness of the green tea. This was thanks to Kagura. 


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That evening at home in Momiji's room, the twins are playing their favorite video game: Battle Star Vikings.

pew pew pew BOOOM pew pew

"Momiji, do you think everyone is ok?" Haru asks as he blasts away another Troll Bomber. Boom!!!

"Sure! We still have 2 Vikings and a dwarf left, and our battlecruiser hasn't taken a single hit, watch your flank!"  pew pew pew

Haru sighs dramatically, causing Momiji to look over with concern. In their moment of distraction, they lose their last dwarf. pew Boom! Boom! Aaaaaahhhh!

Momiji pauses the game and drops the controller, "What is going on Haru?"

"I'm just worried about the girls. Kagura had to go to the nurse's office and just when Sofia was starting to come out of her shell more. I don't know Momiji-kun."

Momiji nods pensively. "I know!" He shouts as he smacks his fist into his open palm. "Let's get our minds off of everything! We'll invite everyone to go out for a shopping day!"

Haru brightens visibly as Momiji texts everyone: Let's all go shopping this weekend! Friends day out and about!

Then Momiji says, "So should we show up or should we call some of the guys they think are cute and have them show up in our place?"

Haru smacks his palm into his forehead and then starts giggling uncontrollably. 


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