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"The poem of a Homicidal Puppet"

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Well, I started making more side characters for MMaM world-building, and stumbled upon M's theme poem XD

Hope you like it! (Although its particularly bad, so don't give it too much thought! ;P)



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37 minutes ago, Seshi said:

What an interesting character you have made here 

Well, M is one of those characters you make while throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks xD. Thusfar she has gone from M to being the basis for another Novel series I'm working on called "Memetically Me", which focuses on Earth millions of years into the future, when everything goes to the toilet.

Been hoping to get more stuff done for it recently tbh, but been super buisy with a lot of stuff. Still, M is a character I want to work on more, just think she's going to need a bit of a make-over.

You know, being a murder puppet and all. I wonder if she entertains at kids parties? Hmmmm...

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