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lelouch's chill and chat guildhall


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4 minutes ago, Seshi said:

Nope... no... @The History Kid I can see why you would think this, but I’ll play no part in the world domination thymabobber... yea just keep on with the chocolates 

Okay....well, I'm just going to go over here and annex a little bit of Canada...

You just keep on munching that chocolate...

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6 minutes ago, Seshi said:

Mmhmmmm... well thatnmust be why... malt covered raisins - you can take them back. 😜

Now what you doin over there son? I see you 👀 

You ain't never had home dipped malt raisins.  Besides...I hid them in the cupcakes you took from Lelouch.

I am doing nothing...just annexing Mexico...I mean, visiting El Salvador I.......I took over South America.

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