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  1. Lelouch

    Gaming chat

    What are thoughts on final fantasy 7 remake if anyone plays rpg games here let us know your thoughts
  2. This quarantine needs to end horrible not being able to go outside without worrying for your health hopefully this all ends soon and things go back to normal
  3. What's going on peeps hope everyone is doing well during this crazy time stay healthy
  4. Weather is nice and we in quarantine smh 

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      that's just the real otaku life 😂 

  5. Currently  under quarantine  surving still alive 

    1. RuthisianCodex


      Hang in there, friend.

    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Personal quarantine, or just the state mandated one?  

  6. This virus is getting out of hand smh 

    1. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      I think it's more the people that are getting out of hand.  Virus is doing what viruses do.  People just aren't being the smartest about it.

  7. Lelouch

    Gaming chat

    Discord must be poppin then
  8. Lelouch

    Gaming chat

    Sounds good let us share your thoughts when u have played it
  9. Lelouch

    Gaming chat

    looks dope I'm hyped about the final fantasy 7 remake
  10. How's it going peeps it's been a while hope everyone is doing well
  11. Lelouch

    Gaming chat

    What are your thoughts on the ps4 back button attachment?
  12. Lelouch

    Gaming chat

    we'll see what the new console has in store when they reveal the system and the controller
  13. Lelouch

    Gaming chat

    sad though ps5 won't have backwards compatibility with ps3,2 one 1 would have been nice to play the old games without having to download them
  14. Lelouch

    Gaming chat

    What are your guys thoughts on the next gen consoles coming out?
  15. someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  16. Someone mentioned cake I want some chocolate cake
  17. Hello everyone hope everyone is doing well been busy with work and life still alive
  18. Happy new year to everyone that still comes on here
  19. Hey everyone hope you'll been good
  20. Hey everyone hope everyone is doing well

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