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losing interest VS being scared


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waddap iz your boyyo, ryu-sama



but yea, i was taking a bath and stuff, and the main reason for bathing aside for hygiene reasons was to somewhat get some "motivation" back (as we all know, im semi MIA due to studying everyday x_x)


and while bathing, i had a wierd thought, aint it everyday tho' ?


what's worse, being afraid or not being afraid and not caring ?


what i mean is, well, my board exams is coming up, and few weeks back, i was scared, so scared that it gave me motivation to study harder (that i even wasted money for redbull and went all night studies route, which i still do tbh, minus redbulls, couse it doesn't work as much as it used to anymore, and i dont wanna throw more money <_>)


but at this moment, im somewhat in the "f*ck it, i studied hard, if i pass, then i pass, if i fail, then i fail, all i know is i worked hard"


which is how i had that wierd idea of, which is worse, not giving a frick, or being afraid, but giving a frick ?


TLDR; what's do you think is worse, being afraid of an upcoming event, or not caring for that important event but NOT being afraid of it ?


for me, i think its worse that im not caring, its an important event, i need to care, i wasted 2 months, sh*tton of cash, and MY GACHA GAME TIME for this boards >_>


what about you ?!, do you think its bad for a person to not care about an important event ? (i.e; upcoming exams, cosmania events, deadlines, etc) or do you think its more bad for a person to be scared of such things, or do you think balance is the key to solve such problems ?!


lets have a discussion that i probably wont be regulating much couse of my board-study-stuff xD 

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When it comes to exams specifically, I absolutely get this question. The best thing is to be well-prepared, but who is, amiright 😂

What I mean is that being in too much anxiety over upcoming exams doesn't really help. I remember this one big psychology exam which basically tested years of psychology courses and people literally spend months studying for it. For various reasons, I only had about 3 weeks to study for it and only managed to get a fraction of it. When I started studying I realized how much it actually was and freaked out, effectively leading to my wasting 1 of those 3 weeks just freaking out. At some point I realized that there is absolutely no way I could manage to get through all of the material and just started studying from the top in a less anxious way. Long story short, by chance they tested almost exactly what I studied (could just as well have failed), but I knew that it was just plain luck and learned that not being prepared can really freak you out causing you to not prepare 😂
Not caring at all on the other hand can also be bad in the sense that you aren't motivated to study. So I'd say a little anxiety is helpful, balance what you said. It does seem odd though if you think about how much money you sometimes spend on utensils and how much time you invest but still don't seem to care. Often though even if you think you don't care, you later realize that you actually did.

TLDR, I think freaking out is worse than not caring, but both are worse than just being well-prepared and self-assured.

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1 hour ago, Illusion of Terra said:

So I'd say a little anxiety is helpful

i have mood swings, where after speaking to someone that passed (i.e my senior) i get anxiety and study harder 

but after a while (recently) havent talked to anyone, and now im loosing that fear (especially since now, im just recalling the things i studied <_>)

im scared, but id say, 40% scared, 60% "meh"

which i bet will heighten to "100% scared and sh*tted myself" before-exam-day xDD

2 hours ago, The History Kid said:

I think that you can care - even with a friggit attitude.  You care, but you care in-so-much as you know whatever will be will be and you know you're just going to deal with whatever it is that happens.  

yea, to be honest, that's what im thinking of at the moment, whatever happens, happens, i did my studying part, now its all about "applying" the studied stuff, and getting not out-of-this-world-questions-that-make my mind go blank,

jesus christ, i used to suck at bacteriology, now im so-so in it (and confident i can answer more questions, than the average joe, AVERAGE JOE >.>, but i can still sometimes go blank when reading them >__<

2 hours ago, The History Kid said:

A lot of that also has to do with experience.  Your own experience, and how well you're versed in dealing whatever is coming your way. 

initially, random fact, in my experience, from 1st to 4th year college, i never cared as much as i currently do in exams, i always "went with the flow", (which was my motto) and they always, either went fine, or "there's always next time" (90% of the time, my scores were always 30-50%)

another motto, i use frequently, ""dont think of the future, it'll arrive in due time"", in a way, im somewhat applying it at the moment, with maybe, a little brutal emotional swings from time-time and hard-core studyings >_<

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