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making easy cosplay


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8 hours ago, loligoth666 said:

hello... I want to try make own cosplay...but I dont have any idea for the characyer, because I like female chrarater.........T_T

Far as materials go I highly suggest lightest possible if its your first time. Go for comfort over aesthetics also since if at a con/event you'll be in it for a while. For example for most female school girl anime uniforms cosplays a nice cotton will do fine for the skirt, and shirt. The only thing with that is you'll probably be modifying cloths more then sewing from ground up especially with cotton. Really my best advice for choosing/making an outfit is to watch it on YouTube as then you can follow along as well as she how it is being in in somewhat real time. When it comes to your wig just look for it on eBay if you want a pre-made character one. Most folks there have been doing that fpr a long time so you can be pretty confident it'll turn out nice. Only real important thing to remember here is go with a seller who will do a made to order job for you not something that is being resold. This is becise it will often be of much higher quality, and comfortable as its more or less tailored for you. 

Other then that the only other thing that is a tough call is shoes, and accessories. Shoes can be custom made just like wigs though shoes even plain old shoes tend to cost a lot, and anything custom will ring up a nice bill. Though again you'll be in it for hours so comfortably is important. You cam also often do whole made to order cosplays as well, and if you buy a ffew of them tthey are often done by highly practiced people in the art form so you can just see what they use, and slowly learn yourself to improve on making your own. 

Thats my best advice I hope this helps, and good luck.

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