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  1. try drawing again for fun


  2. nice to meet you. welcome in AF.. please enjoy it
  3. hmmm huperdimension neptunia manga series..
  4. searching for ecchi

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    2. efaardvark


      Ecchi for ecchi's sake isn't really my thing but I did just recently finish Demon King Daimao (Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao).  It was ok.  The only other one that I can think of at the moment was Haruka Nogizaka's Secret.  I'm sure others can come up with a better list.

      Edit.. oh, and of course High School DxD.

    3. Ohayotaku


      @efaardvark It doesn’t really appeal to me the way it did when I was younger either. Wasn’t able to make it past the first couple episodes of stuff like Senran Kagura & Kandagawa Jet Girls. Anymore it needs to be at least somewhat clever  or extremely funny to hold my interest very long.
      Gleipnir doesn’t really fit the textbook definition for ecchi, falling more into the psychological or horror genres. But sexuality does figure into things prominently. And while there is more innuendo & symbolism, it also has it’s share of fanservice.

    4. efaardvark


      @Ohiotaku Sorry, I wasn't referring to Gleipnir in particular.  I was just responding to the OP question.  I haven't seen Gleipnir yet so I can't comment on that specifically.

      re: ecchi in general.. I'm pretty much the same way.  I can handle the occasional em-bare-assing situation as a well-considered part of the plot or character development.  An occasional swimsuit/beach filler episode is tolerable.  Even when I was younger though I didn't really see the point of a whole series that's just a stream of panty-flashes, wardrobe malfunctions, improbable bath encounters, and nosebleeds.  "Cliched trope" is the term I usually apply to that sort of thing.  It is like trying to watch something built around someone telling the same (old) joke over and over.  If that is all a series or an episode is then I'll just skip to the next item on my bottomless list of things to watch.

  5. I prefer to choose sub tittle....because original voice not change
  6. I try drawing anime girl......is interesting too how about you????
  7. I use digital .. is very simple to editing and coloring
  8. hello... I want to try make own cosplay...but I dont have any idea for the characyer, because I like female chrarater.........T_T
  9. I like, metal genre and sub genre, pop and techno
  10. using cpu AMD ryzen is good for gaming and drawing
  11. -hyperdimension neptunia series i like that fan service - Altelier ryza
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