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Anime convention questions

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Hello Subjects of the Forums Kingdom

I'm planning on going to Anime Boston in 2021, but this is my first convention and I have a lot of questions. Any help would be much appreciated!

1: For a cosplay I need black shoes. I have two pairs that would work, one looks more accurate than the other but I don't think I can walk in them all day. Which should I bring?

2: What stuff is usually in the Dealers room? 

3:  How do I decide what sessions to go to?

4: Any cosplay tips and tricks? 

5: How expensive are tickets/badges usually?

6: Where are some good places to eat? 

7: Lastly, any anime recommendations to watch before I go?

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OK, I'll take a shot(due to experience and you or someone else might actually be needing this). These will not be specific to Anime Boston, but is general info I've gathered that is useful for any convention.

1: The more accurate ones for photos and possible cosplay contest, but bring comfy slip on shoes to wear when your feet start hurting or you are taking a break/lunch.

2: What stuff isn't? DVDs/Blu-rays, CDs, posters, wall scrolls, various merch, rare items, swords/knives/weapons, kimonos, other misc. clothing, food, snacks(Pocky), drinks(Ramune) et cetera.

3: You decide by what your interests are. It's as easy/complex as that. If 2 or more panels have conflicting times, you make the decision based on your likes and dislikes i.e. which one you would prefer.

4: Just one. Make and bring an Emergency Cosplay Repair Kit. You'll be glad you did!

5: Depends on the convention. Some cons tickets or badges are $30 per convention and some cost that per day!

6: Honestly? Depends on your funds. I usually bring my own food and eat in my hotel room/trunk of car(thank you cooler). If you want to eat out, do your research! Google it!

7: That's a loaded question. I personally do not know what genres you like/prefer, so I cannot make a true recommendation. 

I hope this helped you, and anyone else going to a con and feels a little overwhelmed. Hope you have fun!

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