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Current story I come up with wu~🐗🐽😎

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So if every artist have terrible to mediocre, first drawings, is the the story sucks too?
The thing is I'm working on a story and it looks too grand and big for first story, I can tell it's quite dark too,I will tell some summary of story:

10000 years ago an event happen which only has short story,
2000 years ago an event happen which is has fairly long story.
past forward to the present, an excavation team discover a big object that looks man made but further analysis reveals its not manmade!
2000 years later which is where the main story sets, there's a very big Island, this island is the only place humans live, but these humans are kinda "special" they can cast magic! Yes a magic spells we see on fantasy settings! But the settings of the story is sci-fi slash magic.
Ok so there are few people who they are considered have "defects" because they can't cast magic, they are labelled "Faded" and not treated as normal humans, for this people magic casting humans are normals, non caster humans aren't, so what they do on these non caster humans? they are sent out around the island to be train and defend the island. From what? the mysterious monsters which aren't even organic! These monsters are called "gnosis" and they are all over the rest of the world. The world outside the island has no animals, trees or plants only these monsters that only feeds on sea salt.
Finally someone on the island has the mysterious object which is the main source of all magic. the object is called Zohar, and this person who has it will be one of antagonist of the story.

Ok that's it for now, I'm still working on the story. But this might not be my first story, because I want it to be good and I can't risk it to be not good for because of being a beginner. Should I go with this as my first?

also I want to share my a bad guy concept art, she has very capable combat skills. I'll probably make her a mercenary.🐗


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I know this is an old post but felt sad your artwork didn't get a whole lot of praise. Amazing drawing especially on that rifle that looks mean! 

Hope you're still writing and planning your story too. Looked to have some very good foundations here. As a writer I'm sure you mind changes every 5 seconds 😅

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