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Other anime tips after watching Parasyte



I have never watched a anime but I saw my friend watching Parasyte and I thought it was pretty funny so I watched the first two episodes and I was impressed at the quality of whole story so the next day I binged the whole thing in one sitting.The problem is I WANT MORE but it seems I started with one of the best. I searched for a couple days for something more but all I got where superhero type animes which isnt my thing, what I liked about parasyte was the story the "realism" and the how down to earth the whole thing was. I would rank it as one of the best stories I watched so are there any othere similar animes without the superhero and "fictional" aspect?

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I think you may be looking for “seinen” series as opposed to “shonen” . Some examples would be Monster, Vinland Saga & Golden Kamuy.

I didn’t find Parasyte particularly realistic, but for similar stories you might try Ajin, Tokyo Ghoul or Elfen Lied. You might also like Shiki & Hugurashi When They Cry.

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