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  1. How is everyone? 

  2. Running a One Piece character popularity poll - come vote! https://www.voidcentury.club/topic1186 (apologies if this isn't allowed but AFAIK if it's on my profile page this is okay?)

  3. I think if you're an adult and you're sexually attracted to teenage anime characters, it's pedophilia whether you're 25 or 75
  4. > One Piece, especially once you get out of East Blue/Alabasta, the pacing slows down. The anime for Wano has been pretty good, though. > Seven Deadly Sins' manga kind of nosedived in quality, but the anime adaptation is really rushed and pretty sloppy in general (look at Season 3)
  5. Welcome! Who's your favourite One Piece character?
  6. Any One Piece fans here?

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    2. Ohayotaku


      I generally prefer watching anime to reading manga especially when there’s a lot of action in the story, but what you say makes sense since you probably don’t have to deal with a lot of recaps. Of course I prefer my anime subtitled over dubbed, so I wind up reading even when I’m watching :P 

    3. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      If you ever want to pick One Piece up again, let me know!

    4. Marco Polo

      Marco Polo

      I managed to re-read the entire manga during lockdown, hahaha

  7. One Piece, My Hero, Dr STONE and Attack on Titan. Very basic I know
  8. So I really liked the way Haikyuu ended, actually (ending spoilers ahead):
  9. Hi there, My name's Marco. I found this community and it looks like a really friendly place, so I thought I'd come by and introduce myself. I'm currently trying to catch up on my anime (there's a list of about a dozen series that I've started and need to finish) so I'm not currently watching anything new, but my favourite series are One Piece, Haikyuu and Dr. STONE. Some other anime favourites of mine from the past include Your Lie in April, Run with the Wind, JoJo's and Saiki K. I also help run a small One Piece forum as a side (I will not advertise it here), mainly
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