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Anime recommendations? Please-


So I'm kinda running out of anime to watch. I've dropped Fate/Apocrypha, dropped Heroic Age re-watch, on the last episode of Shinsekai Yori [From the New World], dropped Fate/Stay night [Heaven's Feel], and don't feel like watching any of my usual list. I'm re-watching Darker than Black, but I do like to watch two at once.

Any suggestions?

I'm kinda feeling in the mood for anime like Darker than Black, mysteries with a healthy dollop of action and conspiracy, and a bit of badassery- with maybe a hint of edginess like Hei, Wei, or so many others. Other than that, not really. Hope this helps!

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Some possibilities:

Eden of the East


Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens

No Guns Life

Black Lagoon

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