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How to play Sudoku

Sonic Whammy

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I've been on a hunt to show off games related to math as part of my mission objective on YouTube. Today, I went to one of my favorite pastimes, Sudoku, and showed off how to play it. I even tried to teach my wife and daughter how to play.

How are you guys with Sudoku? Anyone any good?

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Hi, my name is John and I am totally addicted to sudoku.  If there were a sudoku anonymous then I would be at all the meetings.  :D 

Seriously though, Sudoku isn’t really about math.  It is 100% logic.  You can replace the numbers with any arbitrary set of 9 symbols.  My sudoku app lets me use numbers & letters from several languages, plus pips (like on dominos), etc.  

There’s even an insanity-inducing mode that rotates through all the possible symbol sets, changing them about once per second while you are playing!   😮  




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Absolutely true. The Latin Squares from 19th century Europe were often not numbers either.

However, a "math" game is not solely based on numbers or computation, just fundamental math concepts. And as you justified, Sudoku does have one of the biggest mathematical principals working for it: Logic. Being able to use inductive and deductive reasoning to be able to turn prove and reach conclusions, all of that is actually considered a math skill. The fact that Sudoku just happens to also to present the puzzle with digits is an aesthetic plus.

There's many other examples of games like this, and the goal of this wing of my YouTube channel is to showcase them.

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