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New to the group and I have a request


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Hello all,

I'm New to anime and have a few choices shows but my real conundrum is that I have a very vivid memory of an anime style movie when I was very young (Probably watched this 93-97?)  I am unsure when it was actually created but my memory is: a young-ish girl is in this large house/mansion. An older male, with long hair either serves or drinks a cocktail with an olive or similar... the other memory I have is the girl is tied to the top of the house/mansion, at the highest peak during a storm and we find out the guy is a viilan. Probably not nearly enough to go on but my inability to find this movie well into my adulthood has driven me mad for years!!! I am hoping someone may be able to share any possible leads as to the name of this movie. I know it's a needle in haystack but why not try? Thanks in advance!!

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