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The Penmanship Thread


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I realize most of us probably prefer typing to writing by hand these days. Be that as it may, there is something about handwritten words that can never be matched by typed words.

This thread is pretty much the same premise as the Favorite Quotes thread over in Chit Chat. The only difference is that any posts in here are to be shared handwritten. It does not matter how good your penmanship is (or, like mine, isn't), and it does not matter what tools you write with. Pen, pencil, the blood of your enemies, whatever tickles your fancy. The main thing is to have fun doing this, so have at it! If you want to share details of what you are using to write with, feel free.

For the first quote, I used a TWSBI Eco fountain pen, broad nib. Noodler's Black Eel ink.


For the second one, I used a Pilot Custom 74 pen, fine nib. Namiki Blue ink cartridge.


Bah... I'm total rubbish with fine-nib pens. 🤢

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