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  1. Just discovered these guys yesterday. Watching them play this music is a pure joy.
  2. 百八十四 (hyaku hachijuu yon) ... 184
  3. I’ve never tried it myself, but on the side of the road near the edge of my business property we’ve seen people looking for something by the light pole. We asked someone what they were looking for, thinking perhaps they’d lost an item when they were here last, but they told us they were geocaching. It seems like it would be fun to do, as I enjoy walking the nature trails in the region.
  4. What’s red and brown and sticky? That bloody stick again.
  5. Best part is, whether you get laughs or groans, it's a win either way!
  6. When I first saw that one, it took me a minute as well. Math was not always my best subject.
  7. I pirated a movie yesterday. I gave it 3.14 stars.
  8. I friggin' love Cyanide & Happiness!
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