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Konbini Kareshi Episode 1 Discussion (Recap)

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This is a weird anime for some odd reason. For starters, it spends the first minute and a half just showing the MC running to a location like he's looking someone you know nothing about.



After he finds the person he's looking for, we're introduced to a slue of other characters through the intro, which is kind of odd in and of itself, because it manages to avoid sounding like most anime intros of today, but it does so by sounding like most anime intro's of 90's and early 2000's.


In the intro we're introduced to characters like this girl:




And this one: 59e217a4cf204_Konbini3.jpg.bace079bd9fde915f46a15f8c38ae5bc.jpg

From there it's kind of your typical set up for a Romantic Slice of Life sort of show. The first girl who's image I posted meets up with this girl: 59e217a4dc230_Konbini4.thumb.png.07cfec11f23b5b758df18f74988c083f.png


after they bump into one another, and they talk about their common interest in reading, and the one with the glasses mentions how she often finds herself annoyed with the MC's best friend Towa, which is about the only name I managed to catch, because they rarely refer to each other by name, which is odd. You'd think if the plan is to introduce several characters in the first episode, you'd want their names said a lot so that they can be remembered better, but it doesn't really happen.


After that Towa and the MC start talking about whatever they are going to do after school while a bunch of characters given no names or context show up briefly, using the same scenes from the intro for some reason, and then it cuts back an apparently important convenience store where a decent amount of the episode takes place. Towa and the girl with the glasses have an exchange setting up their potential romance, and the episode ends.


All in all it's kind of weird, and makes me think that the creators of the show don't quite know what they are doing, because the cuts are weird and the lines really don't work well towards making me remember names. As an intro episode, I have to give it a lower end rating of a 4/10. It has the potential to be something interesting, but this first episode didn't do a good job of conveying that possible potential. Here's hoping it gets better from here.

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I was kind of out of it when I watched this, but I'm glad that isn't the reason why I didn't enjoy it. The animation is awkward at times (can't really describe it but you'd understand if you watched it) and the characters talk over a series of shots that take place at a different time or place then they. A example of this is like what you said with MC and Towa talking to eachother while shots with no context are shown, and also when the girls are in the library, they continue to talk but the rest of the scene clearly takes place later. Why not show them picking out books after they've finished talking? Then we wouldn't need those long pauses.


But I'm feeling this ship.


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