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Hello! All I would like to to point out that when I first joined that I didn't put out an introduction in the Introductions... Well at the time it was because I didn't notice it so I am asking is it possible to make it stand out more for new people?

What I mean is after someone makes an account on AF the Introductions tab for the new person is more Noticeable maybe its moved and expanded to see better and after they post a thread in it it will shrink back down into its old spot while notifying them where it is... Or if they don't want to post in the introductions as a new user there could be a switch to make it shrink back beside it?


Just a thought

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Hi @GreenEyes ,


When you join AF you do get a welcome message which does include a link to Introduce yourself.


But yes will consider looking at ways to make it more obvious (maybe a gentle notice or prompt) until you make your first post.

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