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This is the episode discussion topic for BEATLESS. General discussion link below:


Episode 1 (5.5/10)


A rather underwhelming and convoluted start that lacked impact! So we are introduced to a rather nice futuristic world where high tech android/robots called hIEs are living amongst humans. Meanwhile an unknown red attacker (presumably another hIE that has gone rogue)  attacks military forces. And then elsewhere another unknown green attacker causes havoc with the electronics and causes another hIE to almost kill Arato by strangling him..


What leads me to this exact scene. Arato cries out for help, Lacia (Type-001) shows up and yet somehow the two manage to have a rather lengthy conversation to register Lacie as Arato's owner BEFORE she can attack to diffuse the situation... all this despite Arato being in an almost life threatening situation. Yes Lacie manages to subdue the malfunctioning automatic car easily yet the lack of urgency shown by Arato seemed odd to me.

It's also strange Arato of course takes Lacia home. And her younger sister doesn't find it odd at all and immediately warms up to her lovely cooking. :o


Other than that, Lacia is very cute! :) Be interesting to learn more about her origins and how Arato is going to live with such a high powered hIE by his side.

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Episode 2 (5/10)


Arato's sister signs Lacia up to a public model show for fashion company Pavlon, Lacia happily goes with it (she can't say no anyway given she is an hIE). o.O 

The fashion show is a huge success... though Arato feels a bit distanced due to Lacia's ridiculous popularity. So she promises to spend more time alone on their next outing... ;) We get a glimpse of more anti hIE sentiment (the two walk past a fairly serious incident)

Other than that not much happened. Prior to the fashion show, Arato and his classmates learned more about Lacia by looking up her serial numbers, she is a very advanced LSLX model by Stylus and was programmed by Memeframe, but with no assigned owners up until Arato's incident. Fishy...

Arato also forgot his tablet at school, and Lacia tagged along. The two shared some cute bonding time!


Then at the end we get a glimpse of Kouka who has commandeered a dodgy onii-chan's console (which he was using to hack cars) to track down Lacia with delight. I don't think Kouka has a friendly reception in mind for her sister. :P


Episode overall was odd due to the fashion show, I do hope Kouka will help pick the pace up a bit!

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Episode 3 (7/10)


Arato enjoys some "special service" with Lacia's desire to get closer with him but resists her analog hacking.

Lacia gets kidnapped the following day and is held hostage by the same guy that caused issues at the fashion show. Arato's sister breaks down but Arato to the rescue, and manages to track Lacia down with the help of his friends. 

Was surprised when Arato smashes the attacker's face in with his.. VR headset??! :o Then Lacia wants to finish the job off by killing the attacker to protect Arato, much to Arato's dismay, not wanting her to become a killer.


Then interrupted by the sudden appearance of Kouka, Type-001! Lacia's first sister unit. The two fight it out, with Kouka pumelling Lacia, forcing Arato to unlock Lacia's limiters. Then... Kouka disappears with her proclamation that she loves Lacia. :$ Then... things go back to normal for Arato and Lacia.

It is later revealed Kouka is holding Kengo (one of Arato's classmates) hostage by knowing he has done illicit activities. To protect his family he is forced to do Kouka's bidding..


Overall I really liked this episode! Much better than the last episode. Decent action and got a taste of Kouka's badass, massive firepower abilities. Really looking forward to the next episode!

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Episode 4 (8/10)



What could Kouka's true motives be with her anti hIE band? Strangely she is anti hIE when she is an advanced hIE herself? :o

Meanwhile Arato, Lacia finally discover Kengo's antibody criminal activities by cracking his computer password, and then move to track him (rescue) him...

One scene I found really absurd was how one of the mercanaries were panicking yelling out "Why are they shooting at us??!" o.O Well of course, you stormed the building with guns blazing. :P

As I mentioned in the general discussion topic, I'm really liking how badass Kouka is! But yes it's clear she definitely has Kengo in her grasp with the family blackmail thing along with now saving him against that security hIE. Unless Lacia and Arato can intervene in time?

Also great to see Arato and Lacia going tactical now, especially seeing Lacia in her bodysuit again (haven't seen it since E01!) as she was in casual clothes for a long time being a family member!

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Ryou Kaidai and the HiE discussion in ep4



  Hide contents

don't think the original explosion where we came in and the HiE's "escaped" is what we think as per the Ryou Kaidai HiE discussion in this episode

how do you get the main frames out you give them legs

so were the HiE's escaping ?? or something/someone else the cause of the explosion ??

im assuming the pollie HiE may be of the same type of bread as Lacia , Kouka and the others but may be affiliated with a different faction , one that caused the building to explode maybe

maybe I'm reading too much into the meeting Ryou Kaidai had and the discussion on the red box HiE's and the top secret he was told




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Nothing really to add after the latest episode 

Another HiE sister mad an appearance and other to that to me was more a filler to what ever is going to happen

Oh and a little male bonding

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Episode 5 (7/10)


This was a nice end to the rescue mission...

Snowdrop shows up (haven't seen her since E01!) then sucks up/absorbs all those hIEs! Kouka tries to attack her with her long range attack but Snowdrop brushes it off, then the two face off in a duel..

Arato then finally reveals himself to save Kengo just before he falls outside the building. I thought it was priceless seeing Kouka's "tch!" reaction when Snowdrop mocked Kouka when Kengo rejected Kouka (he should accept her already!! She's so badass :P )

Was a bit disappointed seeing Lacia not doing much in the end, just deflecting bullets and protecting Arato (she didn't get to use that huge beam attack back in E01 and back at the pier against Kouka!)

Still unsure what Kouka's true objective is after she killed off that diplomatic hIE. She just wants to see the world burn? 

And then Episode 6 was a recap episode...

On 04/02/2018 at 6:16 PM, Wodahs said:

Ryou Kaidai

Yeah will be interesting to see which hIE he is going to get involved with! Only two more red box hIEs based on the opening... he seems to be doing a lot of his own research about MEMEFRAME and the red box hIEs.

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Episode 13 (6/10)


There has been a lot of filler but things are finally starting to look up towards a climax...

So in the last few episodes we learned more about the Lacia project. There has also been a lot of changes with owners with the Red Boxes... that new one Marriage has that CEO girl as her owner. Ryou is Methode's owner to give her unconditional freedom in an attempt to contain her. Kengo still hates hIEs (just become Kouka's owner already!!!!!) and hence Kouka officially makes the antibody network her owner. 

Am gutted that now all eyes are on Kouka by MEMEFRAME to try and eliminate her using their PMC. I'm hoping Lacia will help Kouka, the two made a pretty good combo back in that airport encounter with Methode!

...but where did Snowdrop go? Who is her owner?

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In episode 14, why did Kouka joined the antibodies group and destroyed the "president" hIE and revealed herself to the world? What were the reasons for doing it?

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I'm so gutted by E14. Kouka, such a badass. Also, damn it Kengo.


@Layfon my understanding she was always part of the antibody group, just took it a step further from E13 with them being her collective owner. It seems there is a lot of anti-sentiment against hIEs in general, yet we don't see very much of it except from the eyes of Kengo!

The way I perceived it is Kouka believed she could best serve humanity by stirring things up by showing how advanced hIEs really can be by showcasing her abilities. Is humanity ready to accept or reject them? But it probably clashes with Lacia's agenda (what could it be?) - so Arato needs to be more perceptive and stop her from cleaning and cooking :P , and instead make more tactical use of her - as she so sternly said towards the end.

Also am curious to know what Snowdrop is up to these days.

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