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What is the best online RPG game for Android or iOS so far in 2018?


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Brave frontier has nice gameplay but there is very little interaction between players such as there is no chat lol. There is a pvp arena which you can versus other players.

Blade and Soul Revolution is an upcoming mobile game which is heavily influenced to the PC version so I am guessing there will be a chatroom at the corner of screen. To put it simple, its the iOS version Blade and Soul heh.

Similarly, you can try Lineage 2 Revolution which is already out and is developed by the same company as B&S Revolution.

Hope it helps ;)

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If I'm being honest, there's not really any one game for mobile in the Online RPG for genre that's better than the other. The only things that change from game to game are how egregious the microtransactions are and how flashy everything is to try and make you feel like it's more fun that it really is. At the end of the day, you're just tapping your phone, and that just gets and stays boring after a while.  

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even tho I believe there is more of a range to play on console 

I do believe the pc is the way to go

3 hours ago, DeadMeatKiller said:

Definitely PC for the full experience. Unlike consoles, you can enjoy max quality on a PC considering that your PC can handle it Lel. 

not only this reason but the fact that you can enter with a mid range pc and if you want as you progress you can have parts internally changed to improve the pc performance , where as with the console its what you buy and then if you want better it move up to the next console

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