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do you drink Alcohols ?

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2 hours ago, King Blanketfort said:

I don't really mix my liquor. I like straight whiskey, bourbon etc. However, when the mood strikes me, my favourite is a BlackJack. It's Jack Daniel's whiskey with cranberry juice. Super good. So I suppose that does make me more on the "juice" side. I like the tang juice adds with the alcohol. The few times I'll mix soda and liquor is usually when I use Vodka. But, to me, soda waters down the liquor too much, I dunno. 

whiskey is awesome straight especially cinnamon ones like fireball. That is great with pin able, or orange juice even. Though admittedly I have never mixed any V with cranberry juice, but I love cranberry juice so I want to try this now. :)

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Oh and I forgot to add, drunks annoy the heck out of me. I literally try to avoid them at all costs. When my fiance decides to drink with our friends I normally go into our bedroom to either watch movies or play a game. Occasionally I'll go shopping with my other friend who doesn't drink either when my fiance wants to. 

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