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Illusion of Terra

Mark all as read function


So one of the functions I use the most is the unread content button on the top right. It shows me new posts etc. I also know that you can mark entire forum parts as read.

But, is it possible to mark all as read in the unread content part? What I mean is to go to unread content and then mark all of them as read and that's it. Is that possible and I've just overlooked it? If not, and if it is not too much work and if it is possible, it might be useful I think.

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Yes, this function does exist. However if you are running on a mobile phone or using a mobile browser, you may not be able to see it. First you will need to change your browser to a desk top site browser. This is usually in the settings area of your browser if you are on a mobile phone. After that you should be able to see the option to mark the entire site as read or to jump to unread content in the bottom right side of the browser. Hope this helps!





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