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What shounen anime would you like to see get a video game? And what genre would you like said game to be?

Phantom G

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I want a One Piece game that's open world and has char creation, where you could like sail to different islands and pick random fodder in villages as crew members. Do quests, find devil fruits. That'd be awesome.. maybe one day. 🤤

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Dude, I would love a Jojo's Bizarre adventure open world game with a story mode ranging all the way through the upcoming season 6. Also, multiplayer would be necessary and one story mode was finished I would there to be an option to play as any character you wanted. I think it would be crazy fun to play as Dio and make your very own army of vampires, somewhat like what you can do with orcs in the "Shadow of" series. Not to mention just a really fun versus mode, something like, J-stars but with actual frame data and no limits to where one could go. I know, its a lot, lol. 

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Personally, I'd love to see a video game based on "Hunter x Hunter"! It's an awesome shounen anime with a whole bunch of cool characters and an amazing world. I think it would be fantastic if the game was in the RPG genre, giving us the chance to explore and go on quests in this captivating universe. Btw, by the way, have you already played CS2? Just curious what you think about it.

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