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Welcome to the Chill Corner - A safe space where you can talk to people, post stories, songs, art, photos - You can vent here, you can make new friends... and you can do much more. Come check us out - We're happy to let you into our safe space.
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  2. Do I seem open minded? I try to come across that way, but sometimes I never really convey what I try to. Not for lack of trying, it's this damn autism.
  3. I keep getting light-headed, so that's dampening my mood. I have a seizure disorder, so when it acts up it's a big source of frustration. At least that's what I'm venting about today.
  4. I've been up for only a little while, so the voices are really all I have to complain about so far. I'm sure that'll change though. Seems like sooner or later, something always puts my mood into a bad way. How about you? What's set you off today, or just really tipped your mood into the negative?
  5. I hear you. I still watch it though for the odd news report that's relevant. Kind of have to since we live in a fire hazard kind of area, so we need to stay on top of forest fires nearby, and watching the news is a good way to do that. I've also got a friend in Lithuania, very close to Ukraine territory but luckily Lithuania is a part of the United Nations so I think they'll be safe, but I still like to keep tabs on the war happening in the Ukraine with Russia. It may sound kind of cliche, but I really do wish everyone would just put aside their differences and find some common ground with each other.
  6. Yessir!!!! I really do agree, I personally don't have interest watching the news anymore, because of how infuriated people seem to get about politics, today's trends, and conflicts going on. Don't get me wrong - a war happening is VERY important, but, to me, the news also focuses on other things to just blabber, like for Ex. if Taylor Swift broke up with her 100th boyfriend, yknow? (Sorry to the Taylor fans, no hate!) Not only that, being around people and being VERY close to adulthood, I genuinely feel like I'm not ready to handle it! People make me stressed, and understanbly, the patience aspect is truly grueling.
  7. I didn't realize you were a Satanist, but it explains why your music sounds so dark. Don't get me wrong, I love the way your music and mixes sound, so that isn't a complaint or critique. What I think of society... well, it seems like everyone's a little too willing to fly off the handle at really insignificant things. Now, I don't know why that is, but it's a real shame. I consider myself very open-minded, but people with no tolerance really wear me out. Of course tolerating things requires patience, but not everyone has a lot of that. I just think it's a shame that needs to be fixed. I mean... somehow...
  8. Welcome to The Tavern! This is the place where you can have casual convos with people, discussing any topic. (Yes this is a pic from Skyrim ) Enjoy yourself, and let's get a conversation started, shall we? So how are we feeling about today's society? I know, quite a deep conversation starter, but let's not get controversial either - this is all just casual talk. Today's society, to me, seems pretty chaotic right now, I've been dealing with a lot of religious hate, based on me being a Satanist, and it's quite infuriating! I like people with an open mind, and nowadays, I feel like some people have lost that trait, and it's quite evident how it makes others feel. Do you guys believe you're open-minded? I believe having an open mind, you can reflect more, and be logical in a street sense, understanding people, not just based on what their personality is, but as who they are as a whole. What do you guys think?
  9. Huh. If I was going to try the genre I'd try that one.
  10. I have to admit I've never heard of it, but I love how the atmosphere of it looks just from those pics. What's the genre of it?
  11. It's quite a sad anime, but overall, still an anime I watch to wind down to... 3-Gatsu No Lion (March Comes in like a Lion)
  12. So, I've just been wondering if there's any anime you like to watch to relax? Like a go-to anime. For me it's probably Chrono Crusade. Joshua and Rosette remind me of me and my sis'. How about you?
  13. Greetings! This is the first monthly newsletter, written on 1/20/2020 (Written with the DD/MM/YYYY format). Currently, the weather where I'm located is 34 degrees Fahrenheit, with 62% humidity and 5 mph winds with no precipitation. For the club news, there really isn't any. Thanks for reading...

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