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Welcome to the Chill Corner - A safe space where you can talk to people, post stories, songs, art, photos - You can vent here, you can make new friends... and you can do much more. Come check us out - We're happy to let you into our safe space.
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  2. When I tried my first cigar, I cut it too far up from the head and the wrapper leaf completely unraveled. Couldn't keep it evenly lit and didn't get the best experience because the wrapper was off. After asking the tobacconist how to properly cut and light a new one, I haven't had too many issues with them since, unless they just don't have good construction or something like that. I personally enjoy smoking them because they force me to slow down and offer me a chance to collect my thoughts or just think about anything I want to. You can't rush through a cigar, or you might end up green around the gills. The way this world moves so fast-paced, it's a much-welcome respite. Oddly enough, I was never a cigarette smoker. Always found cigarettes to be revolting. A lot of people that smoke cigars were once cigarette smokers. You're right, though, everyone has their thing and I too am all for them doing what they enjoy. I took a drawing class years ago as an elective in community college, and sort of learned the basics of drawing there, but we mostly used charcoal pencils. These days, I'm a bit more interested in learning to draw with pen and ink. I'm not always patient myself, but ink definitely requires you to have some. You've done nothing to apologize for, my friend. If writing helps you, then write as much as you want to, it's no problem at all. I'm sorry for your loss. I have a younger brother, and he and I are practically inseparable. I don't know what I'd do if I lost him. It's been difficult enough for us and our mom since dad died last year. And it's not weird at all, I do that to some degree myself. That and keeping a semi-daily journal.
  3. Nah, nothing out of the ordinary. Might go visit a couple friends later this evening and enjoy a cigar with them, but apart from that, just planning to stay in afterwards. Trying to get back into drawing a little, but it's in that phase where everything I put on paper is total crap... which, I guess, is a necessary evil to get through. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. One of my close friends found out in the last year or so that she's autistic. I don't know exactly know how severe hers is, but she seems to be doing ok with it as far as I can tell. I'm sure she has some rough times with it too, though.
  4. Nice! I don't suppose there's any mead or ale to go around is there? I was under the impression you were a nihilist at one point. I read the poem about nihilism you posted last year in the writing forums. I'm an agnostic atheist myself, so I can understand about the religious hate aspect. It's an interesting experience living in the bible belt and being on that side of the fence. And by interesting, I mean annoying. Thankfully, I know enough about religion to "play along" and blend in when needed, but when someone gets really mouthy over it, I try to put some distance between me and them as quickly as I can. It often feels like six pints of blood have been drained from me when I have to put on that kind of act. I try to be respectful of others' beliefs and views, but I draw the line when they try to shove them down my throat. Even when I was a christian years ago, people like that used to aggravate me to no end. Society sucks. It doesn't appear to be improving either. People act like when someone disagrees with them, they are personally attacking them. That, and the overall mode of thought seems to be "me and mine, and f**k everyone else!" Notice I wrote "me" before "mine". In that order. So many people act like they are owed something. Everybody has a grievance of some kind or another. I don't know why things are the way they are, how they got here or how to fix them. I just know I'm quite tired of having to go along with it all. I generally try to keep an open mind. For me, when it comes to people at least, it's more or less about mutual respect. We may have differences, but that should not stop us from respecting each other. If you are a decent human being and you show me respect, I will do the same to you. If you are hateful, violent, abusive, disingenuous, or malicious, I will have as little to nothing to do with you as I possibly can. Not too shabby. Been busy with work. How about yourself?
  5. Yessir!!!! I really do agree, I personally don't have interest watching the news anymore, because of how infuriated people seem to get about politics, today's trends, and conflicts going on. Don't get me wrong - a war happening is VERY important, but, to me, the news also focuses on other things to just blabber, like for Ex. if Taylor Swift broke up with her 100th boyfriend, yknow? (Sorry to the Taylor fans, no hate!) Not only that, being around people and being VERY close to adulthood, I genuinely feel like I'm not ready to handle it! People make me stressed, and understanbly, the patience aspect is truly grueling.
  6. Welcome to The Tavern! This is the place where you can have casual convos with people, discussing any topic. (Yes this is a pic from Skyrim ) Enjoy yourself, and let's get a conversation started, shall we? So how are we feeling about today's society? I know, quite a deep conversation starter, but let's not get controversial either - this is all just casual talk. Today's society, to me, seems pretty chaotic right now, I've been dealing with a lot of religious hate, based on me being a Satanist, and it's quite infuriating! I like people with an open mind, and nowadays, I feel like some people have lost that trait, and it's quite evident how it makes others feel. Do you guys believe you're open-minded? I believe having an open mind, you can reflect more, and be logical in a street sense, understanding people, not just based on what their personality is, but as who they are as a whole. What do you guys think?
  7. Greetings! This is the first monthly newsletter, written on 1/20/2020 (Written with the DD/MM/YYYY format). Currently, the weather where I'm located is 34 degrees Fahrenheit, with 62% humidity and 5 mph winds with no precipitation. For the club news, there really isn't any. Thanks for reading...

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