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  1. the thing about gmod is theres so many add-ons so if yopu have slow internet, you probably dont wanna get it. Most multiplayer servers require different types of add-ons big or small. (Just heads up)
  2. Are there any famous celebrity potatoes you know of?
  3. I'm watching Golden Time, i'm so conflicted with it tho I mean honestly, the two girls. Linda and koko, both good people but he is already with one but he feels for the other. Why does this happen to meh
  4. The biggest disappointment to me was how Akame Ga Kill ended. I don't really know why but it completely crushed meh. It could've just been cuz that was my first anime but idk it was just so sad.
  5. I just wanna sleep and watch amine
  6. "I'm crappy at sports and I don't know much about the artsy clubs." - Yui Hirasawa - This quote completely represents me perfectly
  7. Tbh anime has changed my life in many ways. Its taught me to take situations that seem bad and use the pain to turn them into something good. It's also given me a interest in j-pop/j-rock and playing instruments (Electric Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, etc.). Of course this was inspired because of k-on, which i am happy for. It's hard to speak Japanese tho so learning songs is work
  8. I recently got pubg (Player Unknowns Battle Ground). Great game btw
  9. tbh i just look up videos on youtube pertaining to the certain genre i want to watch, then it gives me a list of say top 20. After I just check out the animes that appealed to me in the video. I ask for recommendations sometimes and sometimes they work, not all the time tho 0_0

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