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  1. sadly none of them are my favourites, weird though since i would've expected one piece to make it the most popular. i've watched sao, fma, ngnl and angel beats, while i've read aot, naruto and death note. none of them were really great in my opinion besides fullmetal alchemist (though brotherhood is better), they were all average at most. i really didn't expect to see steins gate, ngnl and angel beats in the top ten most popular though
  2. from what i remember i think it was back in 2010-2011, and i'm very sure it was dubbed. sadly i don't remember anything about their visuals or personalities or whatnot. i had borrowed it from my local library when i was a kid.
  3. that's the thing, i know it's very common. but i can't remember anything about it at all so i'm not sure what to do. no i'm very sure it's not that, but thank you anyway.
  4. i watched this anime when i was really young so it's going to be very vague but does anyone know an anime where a naked girl falls from the sky, and a boy gives her a jacket. i think it might be a movie? but i'm not 100% sure and i also think that the girl was obviously some kind of mystical being like an angel or something. i don't remember any details about how the characters look or what happens, but if anyone knows or thinks they know this please tell me. thank you very much have a great day < 3
  5. overall shounen and comedy series always seems like a good start for anyone starting anime. i think it's good to stick with anime that are fairly popular so they're able to converse, it also gives them a general idea of what anime is and how it is usually displayed. i personally would recommend mainstream series just because it's fun to discover underrated anime by themselves. i also think it's fairly good to stick with more recent anime, just because new fans can be picky and dislike an anime just by art and hopefully by themselves they are able to like anime with an older style. longer anime such as naruto, one piece and detective conan can be good but drag on for too long for newer fans. my personal recommendations would be action - hunter x hunter - fma - attack on titan (i've never watched it but many fans started with it) - one punch man (also never watched) romance - tonari no kaibutsu-kun - kaichou wa maid sama - shigatsu wa kimi no uso (i'm not a fan but everyone else seems to like it) comedy - gintama - lucky star - nichijou - daily life of highschool boys slice of life - spice and wolf - bokura wa minna kawaisou - yuru yuri mystery - hyouka - durarara - 91 days - baccano - death note
  6. ace's death left me pretty emotional but i didn't cry. the only anime that made me sob like crazy was anohana, menma's last words left me in a state of sadness
  7. mochizaki jun, the creator of pandora hearts, a masterpiece manga
  8. so far made in abyss is most likely my favourite (not including leftovers)
  9. when i do work and watch anime i like to watch slice of anime that won't be a problem if i don't pay attention to certain part. my personal favourite is lucky star - i've watched it many times and i think the dub is fine.
  10. personally for anime crunchyroll and for manga i try to borrow it from my local library but most likely they don't have it so i do end up reading it illegally.
  11. i'll be sure to whenever i get the chance to finish it 6.5/10 pretty good anime, didn't stick out to me though. Black Bullet
  12. i've only seen the first episode, i can't rate. Magi
  13. 5.5/10 i don't remember much, it was alright. Baccano
  14. kpop is pretty good, i'm a huge fan but i do regret it (fandoms are horrible, music can be mainstream, it's way too popular and koreaboos are a thing (just as bad as weeaboos)). so i don't exactly advise joining, but if you do it's a whole new world and there are good songs and amazing artists and personalities. you did mention liking k-hip hop, some artists are jay park, dok2, zico, epik high, dynamic duo and i think you'd enjoy krnb artsits like dean, crush and zion t vocaloid is your biggest bet when it comes to jpop, it's crazy popular and does have a lot of catchy songs. it's kind of hard to get into since it's so different and unique but it's great. i don't listen to a lot of jpop but when i do my personal favourite artist is yuzu, they're a duo who sing a lot of the hunter x hunter soundtrack. cpop is also pretty good. sorry i'm not the type to give recommendations for songs (i don't know too much jpop anyway)

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