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  1. Made in abyss is my favorite. It´s nice having a new popular fantasy anime that´s not isekai. Others that I find entertaining are: -fate/apocrypha -aho girl
  2. So, from one bookworm to another, what books have you been reading lately?

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    2. Wedgy


      So far they're pretty great. Mercy T. is slower paced, but there are nine books so I know it will pick up soon. I read multiple books at once, :P As for manga, I haven't read a whole lot of that in recent years. I tried to pick up a couple of them and only finished Lovely Complex.

    3. promogensis


      Wow, looks like I gotta add some more books to my "to read" list :D By any chance, have you read the Earthsea series by Ursula le Guin? I have heard that they are amazing!

    4. Wedgy


      No I haven't read them, but I have heard of them!

  3. Welcome to AF (It's a bit late for that)!! We hope you're enjoying the forums.:) We're all friendly and I'd LOVE to know a bit more about you! So why not start a new thread about yourself in "Introductions"?:) If you did, I'd love the link to it!:) We hope you enjoy your stay. Love, AniMeFReaK:)

    1. brycec


      They already created an intro thread, and has been up since Sunday.

    2. promogensis


      Hey! this is the link to my introduction thread: https://animeforums.net/community/threads/yo.4433/#post-43606 thanks, AniMeFReaK :D

  4. Thanks for following me.

  5. Welcome to AF! Nice to meet you, i hope you're enjoying the forum.

  6. yeah sure! I´m pretty sure it looked something like this. Thank´s for replying by the way
  7. I love Faye Valentine! She´s funny to watch, knows how to work her sexuality, and simply entertaining. But what struck me the most, is her simple comments and replies here and there. I don´t remember the exact episode, but the crew had gone through something depressing I think. Ed is painting Faye´s toenails, and what she said made her an instant favorite for me. "Oh, Ed. Anything but blue."
  8. Been searching for over twelve years! Background: When I was around 10-12years old(04-06), I saw a scene from an anime. Because it was so violent for little me, I switched away pretty quickly. But because of my curious nature, I tried to find out what its title was, by then it was finished. Ever since then, I have given several attempt to finding it, but not even coming close to solving the mystery anime. I started to watch anime and read manga about a year ago, and after that, I´ve tried to find the lost anime several more times. Because I can only remember one scene, I be
  9. Still getting used to this forum, and how friendly everybody appears to be!

    1. Wedgy


      Well hopefully friendly people is an easy thing to get used to! :D

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