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  1. Made in abyss is my favorite. It´s nice having a new popular fantasy anime that´s not isekai. Others that I find entertaining are: -fate/apocrypha -aho girl
  2. So, from one bookworm to another, what books have you been reading lately?

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    2. wikkidgrace


      So far they're pretty great. Mercy T. is slower paced, but there are nine books so I know it will pick up soon. I read multiple books at once, :P As for manga, I haven't read a whole lot of that in recent years. I tried to pick up a couple of them and only finished Lovely Complex.

    3. promogensis


      Wow, looks like I gotta add some more books to my "to read" list :D By any chance, have you read the Earthsea series by Ursula le Guin? I have heard that they are amazing!

    4. wikkidgrace


      No I haven't read them, but I have heard of them!

  3. Welcome to AF (It's a bit late for that)!! We hope you're enjoying the forums.:) We're all friendly and I'd LOVE to know a bit more about you! So why not start a new thread about yourself in "Introductions"?:) If you did, I'd love the link to it!:) We hope you enjoy your stay. Love, AniMeFReaK:)

    1. brycec


      They already created an intro thread, and has been up since Sunday.

    2. promogensis


      Hey! this is the link to my introduction thread: https://animeforums.net/community/threads/yo.4433/#post-43606 thanks, AniMeFReaK :D

  4. Thanks for following me.

  5. Welcome to AF! Nice to meet you, i hope you're enjoying the forum.

  6. yeah sure! I´m pretty sure it looked something like this. Thank´s for replying by the way
  7. I love Faye Valentine! She´s funny to watch, knows how to work her sexuality, and simply entertaining. But what struck me the most, is her simple comments and replies here and there. I don´t remember the exact episode, but the crew had gone through something depressing I think. Ed is painting Faye´s toenails, and what she said made her an instant favorite for me. "Oh, Ed. Anything but blue."
  8. Been searching for over twelve years! Background: When I was around 10-12years old(04-06), I saw a scene from an anime. Because it was so violent for little me, I switched away pretty quickly. But because of my curious nature, I tried to find out what its title was, by then it was finished. Ever since then, I have given several attempt to finding it, but not even coming close to solving the mystery anime. I started to watch anime and read manga about a year ago, and after that, I´ve tried to find the lost anime several more times. Because I can only remember one scene, I believe it will be difficult, but I´ll guess I´ll have a go here! Scene: A naked woman is sleeping in what I assume was a armored train carriage. Suddenly a group of soldiers attack the train. The woman wakes up, moves to a large stationary gun, and begin to shoot at the soldiers while trying to cover her naked body with a blanket/fur. Setting: The guns looked old, and the train looked like a steam locomotive. The woman had a very high society and classy look, but also had deadly vibe, like a secret agent or something. I would say the movie/series took place late 1800 to 1945 if I were to place it in a period based on the aesthetics. Well, that´s what I´ve got. The genre, type of anime, or anything for that matter could be different. The only thing I know for sure is this one scene. To anyone who replies, thank you so much! It´s been a long and lonely search, and a simple reply helps a lot in this search that has laster over half of my life.
  9. Still getting used to this forum, and how friendly everybody appears to be!

    1. wikkidgrace


      Well hopefully friendly people is an easy thing to get used to! :D

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