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  1. On 9/15/2023 at 12:59 AM, Animedragon said:

    I agree with you, in 2023 modern graphics and storytelling has given us some excellent series, although I'm not entirely convinced that all modern series have better storytelling, or graphics.

    i agree. Some 90s anime were excelent and some now are horrible. I believe that 30 % of anime in the 90s was good. And 30% of anime post 2010 is good. but i just prefer to watch the 30% in the latter category because i get the graphics from now

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Animedragon said:

    I watched it. I thought it was not a bad series, but not a good one either.  Some of the set-piece gun battles made no sense. The worst thing was the final battle with the chief bad guy, it doesn't matter if he's a human, a cyborg or a robot nothing is going to survive having enough lead shot poured into them to kill an entire infantry regiment, be thrown off a tower block, and then come back fighting several times over.

    It's certainly not a series I'd watch again.

    I assume you are talking about Lycoris recoil and not spoiling my new serie?

    But yes, Lycoris is only the 3th anime i stopped watching in my 25 years of anime

  3. I watched all eps. It is AWESOME. Best serie i have seen on netflix in many years. For anime lovers this is a much watch. 

    Why is it so good:

    1) they picked excellent actors for the parts. Luffy is great but especially the "villains" are awesome

    2.) The CGI is not over the top. it contributes to the whole feeling

    3.) I like that it is not childish. At some points (captain of the cats) i would even rate it 13+

    4.) The pace is great and especially with all the beautiful scenery, it is a synergetic effect

    5.) Even though the fruits give weird powers, the action scenes still feel naturel

    6.) And this is an important one;..they choose to go with the andventure and action vibe, NOT with the humour side. All 3 goat animes (bleach, one piece and naruto) sometimes have a lame humour side. And they mostly skipped that. Which is great choice

    I hated all anime real live stuff, but this is an example how it should be

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  4. I am not a guy for open ends haha

    Just finsihed Dead Mount death play. I liked it an would recommend it. But the ending feels like we are still mid season. And i know,..great so they can continue s2 with a great storyline. But still. Really open ends, never my thing.

    BTW this was a great anime. I can also recommend the other one, magic and muscles.

    I have still 3 hrs before sleep, what to watch now haha

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