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  1. Thank you Optic for everything. We are about to give up on the forums for the same reasons. We have not been here for very long but this was a nice place.
  2. I've had Cherry Sake once. Some people have higher tolerance for alcohol, as for social drinking I have never been on for that. The bottles are nice for display in the living room or a cabinet. As for people who might drink 6-packs that is not to my taste. I find that cheap alcohol is kind of gross.
  3. Some sparkling water with some fruit and crushed ice.
  4. The lady of the house wanted me to watch it with her, but I started reading the manga. Sometimes I like to hear the original voices if the show is based off a manga. I'm more into novels myself. Some people have the power to get the enjoyment from visual, voice, or text. Sometimes when you take one out of the equation and project it in other ways opens new windows into the enjoyment. She is willing to watch all if it.
  5. I think some of the content in anime helps others grow out of social boundaries and maybe gets them into new and interesting activities. Crunchyroll pulls in a lot of cash, not sure if this site pulls in any money.
  6. My wife takes over the 60inch for her Mahou Shoujo addiction. I made a Media Center for her. We watched Lyrical Nanha for the frst time a few weeks ago.
  7. I mostly watch anime on the weekends now. After you watch so many series you tend to find an acquired taste to your viewing. Over time that can change and sometimes a series that you don't like might have a different formal.
  8. Testing 1-2-3.

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