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  1. I take it this is exactly what "Junk Food Anime" is supposed to mean. And I'm not gonna lie, what I have seen on that list fits pretty well. Meaning it is essentially comparable to popcorn flicks you're not supposed to think so hard about and just enjoy as a time killer and such.
  2. Plenty of people on another site seem to be in agreement with my thought that Angel Beats! needed to be longer anyway, but to just flesh the thing out a little more, give some characters time to actually develop (ex. Yusa. Though it seems that's happening in Heaven's Door anyway, and by extension Track Zero, the thing that that manga is being adapted from) Aria The Scarlet Ammo needs a sequel and not just an adaption of a spin-off, which reminds me of what I said before, and how we also pretty much need Accel World too. Yumekui Merry needs a complete reboot. Not to say the series was
  3. I do have some, for instance: Accel World / Dural: Magisa Garden: If a new female protag spin-off in Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA could get adapted (by the way, that's one that needs an actual sequel, so maybe I'll post in that thread after), then I hope this certainly could. AKB49 - The Rules Against Love: Nothing against Mecha, light saber mics and underground concerts performed across the galaxy, but even if it's a gender bender, it's still a more grounded attempt at AKB in anime & manga. Cahe Tantei-bu (didn't use English name b/c Cahe): It could be really fun, I just hope they
  4. Personally, the only one I can really remember watching at least 3 times would be Cardcaptor Sakura, and the last time was subbed, despite it's length. And I would also just say the anime of Key's works, having almost completely rewatched Air and Clannad, watched the earlier Kanon, and am soon going to rewatch Kanon 2006 and Little Busters!. I've watched the Sunohara Siblings arc and random comedic moments more than just that, and I'd know I wouldn't have trouble on more multiple rewatches of Clannad for that reason.
  5. At this point, the main reason I use MAL is mostly because I see no extreme equivalent to the recommendation section of MALgraph, because I can see specifically all the anime I didn't watch that is related to anime that I did watch, all on 1 page.
  6. For me, I probably laughed the hardest from Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, D-Frag!, Daily Lives of High school Boys, and probably Yuru Yuri, so yeah, I'd definitely recommend them.
  7. Seira

    Manga vs Anime

    Chances are it all comes down to whether an anime is actually adapted from a manga or not. It's practically the opposite when it comes to original anime that get manga adaptions, and it's all fairly up in the air when it comes to anime AND manga adaptions from other sources, but that much is probably obvious. But I do think when it is adapted from a manga, sometimes too much detail is cut when adapting and sometimes not that much, so it can turn out possibly better with the addition of things only anime can do, full color, OST, voices, op & ed themes, and most obvious of all, animatio
  8. Suki, Dakara Suki, I've been in a bit of a Clamp mood, read quite a bit of them recently, but before I came here.
  9. [spoiler=Episode 18]While it is actually doing more decently than some other anime in regards to making it seem like there may actually be options, I keep getting the feeling that they're still obviously going for the Kaori route. Now while I said these girls were all pretty close in likability for me, she would actually be the close but lesser character for me, as she has actually been a little annoying sometimes.
  10. [spoiler=Episode 6]Yeah, I actually just don't like Utaha. Really think they should hurry up and introduce Michiru~
  11. Yep, I can see the Abyssals are designed to be monstrous looking in certain ways and I don't like monsters, must be why I can't care for their designs. It's probably for the best that they're like this. Some people can have fun their way, I can just root against them. They should introduce even more of the twintail ships that they have. *drools*
  12. Right now I can only think of 2 other anime with similar premises: Problem Children are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?: Less fan service, but also lackluster in just about everything else. Was fun enough though, I guess. No Game No Life: What you're looking for comes into play later on, but is talked about a lot earlier, too. Only problem is it has a similar level of fan service.
  13. My brother got the Minish Cap one time thinking he wouldn't get to play it, but while it was nice... the plot was meaningful to the fact that... it was pretty minuscule even to this one, so I definitely plan to read Four Swords if it's the best. But since the two are connected and all, will get a start on Oracle of Ages before sleep at least.
  14. The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons. I still haven't finished any Zelda game but these manga are pretty neat. Kinda weird it says "Rated A for all ages" though... it shows Link's baby thingie, blood from a sword cut, and Link kinda groping Maple's chest while holding her. That's no way to hold a girl. I mean, of course those things aren't extreme, but lol.
  15. This and the comments here have made me aware how much I can actually love slow anime if it doesn't have action. This, Hyouka, Aikatsu as well to an extent, I am really digging this. Amazing music. From the get go I had a feeling Watari and Tsubaki would be more important later on, Tsubaki especially, as Watari is more or less there for comfort. Would still feel a bit... lonelier without the guy, I do wonder if that would have made it turn out better... but now that it's the way it is, I couldn't say I'd have rathered he not be there. Anyway, I don't have strong feelings one way or the ot
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