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  1. Not sure about my favorite episode but one of my favorite scenes from an anime is in death note when L puts an inmate with a nametag on tv pretending to be him, the program is only being broadcast in the Kanto region of Japan due to its high population, Light Yagami kills that man by writing his name in the notebook and therefore gives away his location and the fact that he needs a name and face to kill. Very clever.
  2. Many things like appreciate nature, stand up for what's right, don't give up, don't take things too seriously, respect people, giant robots in space are awesome, don't mess with Goku and L is smarter than me LOL
  3. Dragonball/Z/Super Death note Gundam wing Rouroni kenshin Etc....
  4. Thanks for helping looks like we're getting closer. Also, at the very end of a short anime advertising video with scenes from a bunch of shows, i heard that line you mentioned from outlaw star while the screen was showing the word Toonami...and then right after, static occurs and a character from a show called Blue Submarine No.6 named Jung Zorndyke who is a glasses wearing scientist said "be very careful" into a camera..in terms of his voice it sounded extremely similar to the guy were trying to find. So much of it fit what were trying to find and that outlaw star quote and the "be very caref
  5. Thanks! And I knew I wasn't crazy, it is real! Hahahah
  6. My memory of it is kind of vague I'll say what i remember and hopefully nothing is distorted lol, a middle aged/older man most likely a scientist in glasses and a white lab coat, gray/white hair. The setting could be in a lab but i remember he was speaking to a camera and it cuts out after he says his line, not sure if that was from it being a commercial or not. Again, he says "nothing good can come from spending too much time (with) /(in the presence of) a genius", He says his line like he is giving a warning, as if something bad has happened. There was a wall behind him gray-blue in color ma
  7. I remember a scene from a commercial or ad from the early 2000s where an older man in glasses, possibly a scientist, says something along the lines of "nothing good can come from spending too much time in the presence of a genius", and then the camera cuts out. Anyone know where that's from and is it a good anime?
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